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Pure cardio over the long term is a waste of energy and time.



  • Wicked_SeraphWicked_Seraph Posts: 391Member Member Posts: 391Member Member
    How is an activity that encourages someone to be active "a waste of time"?

    I do a bit of strength training, but most of what I do for exercise is cardio. I don't think that it's been a waste of time simply because I don't do a crazy amount of weight lifting.
  • Timshel_Timshel_ Posts: 22,916Member Member Posts: 22,916Member Member
    CincyNeid wrote: »
    I think you should reword your title. I don't like Cardio, and I think you should stop doing it because I don't enjoy it.

    QFT, but that isn't as hyperbolic.

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