How much do y'all pay for your gym memberships?



  • ziggy2006
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    How does that work? I have them too. Are you sure it's not specific to your company and BC/BS? I wouldn't mind a bigger discount on my membership....

    It is a partnership between Healthways and participating Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies. I went to and registered. Go to the fitness category and click on the Healthways deal. That brings you to the Healthways website where you can find out what participating gyms are located by you, sign up, and print out your temporary membership card. It seems the price varies slightly according to the deal worked out by your BCBS and Healthways.

  • trjjoy
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    I pay R200 a month for my gym membership.
  • caitlinrn83
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    $30 a month for my y. Unlimited classes (there are over 20 a day), weight and cardio floor, track, pool, sauna, gym, free childminding and lots of other stuff. It's an awesome deal

    This, only it's 41 at my Y.
  • SkinnyFatBGone
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    Dang, y'all go to expensive gyms. $22 a month (I go 5 or 6 times a week). $47 annual fee in February.
  • jend114
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    $10/month but I'm grading to the $40 which allows me use of all the gyms in the area and all the classes
  • lesleyloo7879
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    Mine is 100 a month ....But I have the family plan.... so I have myself , my boyfriend and all 5 of our kids going ..... so it is really only like 14.29 per month ..... not bad
  • bagge72
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    I go to a local gym with three locations called Northeast Health and Fitness, that has a really nice weight room that likes when people lift all the weights, and unlimited classes, plus basket ball leagues and things like that, and it is $22.99 a month, plus a $30.00 yearly fee, but after the $150.00 blue cross blue sheild reimbursement, and the fact that my work reimburses the rest it is free. But everyone should be checking with their health insurance, because most offer a reimbursement.
  • LolBroScience
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  • randomtai
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    Retro Fitness $20 a month and $60 annual fee. Can go to any branch in the country. I currently rotate between 4 different branches depending on what I need.
  • bassclef19
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    28$ bi-weekly. So 56$ a month for access to all Goodlife Fitness Gyms in the province. This doesn't include towel service and supposedly this is a corporate rate. :/
  • vincema01
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    2 memberships in 2 different cities,I pay 80 dollars (CAD).
  • minniestar55
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    £29 month, can use 3 locations, includes classes; £15 week for private Pilates reformer class; £55 month for
    Private bootcamp 3x week, this one usually free as I help set up & break down.
  • niblue
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    I have one about 200 yards away from my London flat but it's over £80 per month - although it is very, very nice!
  • bscmcse
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    Depends on what amenities you want, but here we have You Fit (jokingly called You Fat). There are always machines available in good shape and free weights available and 2 people cleaning on the floor at any given time. I have been able to negotiate trainer sessions at $25/per 1/2hr session purchased in bulk & I've been working with the same trainer for a year now (I would never just do lunges or planks on my own). I go for cardio 3 days a week and resistance training with the trainer 2 days per week. For the 1st year I gained muscle and endurance, but lost no weight until I started MFP. It is a testament to the fact that you cannot outrun your fork.
  • yusaku02
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    LA fitness for $25/month.
    best thing about it is that there are a ton of locations in the twin cities. I've moved twice since I signed up and never had a gym further than 7 minutes away. Currently there's one 2 minutes from where I live.
    worst thing is that most close at midnight on weekdays but for whatever reason the one closest to me right now closes at 11pm.
  • Wicked_Seraph
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    I use the gym at work that is, thankfully, free. I have a rec card that costs $10/yr, although the classes themselves are not included. I was doing Zumba for a while and it was ~$5 per class.

    A few years ago I went to GetFitness and I don't recall it being too expensive - $20/mo or less?

    Perhaps you could check with your local rec center (if you have one in your city) and see what they have available?
  • Asher_Ethan
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    My gym membership is paid for by my work. But if my husband wants to join, it's $500 a year.
  • kota4bye
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    $270 a month for family (four of us) unlimited at our crossfit gym.
  • ryry_
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    70 dollars a month at Lifetime Fitness, but its a full gym, basketball courts, racquetball courts, fitness classes, 4 indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming area, water slides, etc.
  • ccrdragon
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    fitness connection - $10/month, $20 yearly fee - lots of machines, lots of free weights, classes, lockers, dry saunas all included