How much do y'all pay for your gym memberships?



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    Okay so what I'm seeing here is that most people have some kind of deal for being a student, having Obama Care, through their work, etc. Bummer, none of that would apply to me. I miss being in college and having a super nice facility for free.

    I don't think anybody mentioned obama care, they mentioned discounts and reimbursements through their paid health insurance, so if you have health insurance you get from your work, you probably can get a discount too. If you live close to your school you went to, you probably can still use their gym for free.

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    $19.99 a month Freedom Fitness
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    I pay $100/month but that is a family membership plus my senior mother. Unlimited classes. Plus a pool.
    The gym I use when I am in China is quite affordable by China standards at $100 a month. Gym are very expensive over their. But the company pays. And it has a pool. I am much easier to be around when I get my endorphin shot from 4 miles of swimming at least 5 times a week. :D
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    Boston Sports Club - $69 per month which gives me access to all the BSC gyms in the area (apart from the swanky one used by the Boston Celtics). I used to pay $20 a month but that only gave me access to my 'home' club. I soon realized that my home club is fine for weekends, but when I want to go to the gym straight from work, another BSC gym is more convenient, so I upgraded. And I don't regret it. I use these two gyms regularly; one has a pool and the other has a sauna and steam room which is a nice bonus, and because of work travel commitments, there are a couple of others I use on an occasional basis.
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    I belong to a strictly weight/powerlifting/strongman gym. Old school, small, everyone knows everyone... $200/year ($16.66/mo). Recently joined the PF near my home, for $10/mo for cardio. Not too bad 2 gyms for less than $30/months. Both open on holidays, though with limited hours.
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    Workout Anytime is $15 a month for me, very basic, no classes. Just equipment, a locker room and showers but it's 24/7, oh yeah, free WiFi :p .. and it's a mile away from my house. Plus there's another location less than 4miles from my job. I can use the gym at my job for free but have to share it with students. And I have an LA Fitness membership for $35, unlimited access and classes but the LA Fitness locations in Atlanta are not 24hrs. I'm thinking about quitting. Looking at Gold's.
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    $165 for ClassPass.
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    $110/ year and there are 4 locations I can use , but regularly stick to two of them. There's a bunch of classes (cardio kickboxing, HIIT & toning are my faves) a pool I never use, raquetball court, sauna, your regular equipment and 2 floors of weights. And babysitting available at certain hours for &1/HR per child.

    There's this state-of-the-art "super gym" that opened last year in town where I took advantage of a 1 week free pass. It just wasn't for me. The kids loved it their childcare area, but all of the employees are like used car salesmen and here's just too many young meat heads hanging out. The cost is 5x what I pay now. Also where I go, no one is trying to sell you a service, there's a lot of older members (I'm not older) but the point is that it's like a little family. and they haven't raised their prices in years and years.
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    I'm in Massachusetts. Work Out World. I pay $19.99/ month and get $150 back per year through insurance so it comes out to $7.49/month. They just built a brand new gym and moved into it two years ago. Works for me.
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    fitness connection - $10/month, $20 yearly fee - lots of machines, lots of free weights, classes, lockers, dry saunas all included

    Me too!
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    Dang, y'all! I Googled gyms near me and checked prices on at least a dozen of them. There was literally not a single option less than $75/month. Is this a big city problem or what?

    Are you in North America or Australia?

    I'm in Texas. Apparently it's expensive here.

    Where? Because the Houston area seems to have a few that are $10-15 a month.
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    I joined one of the only local 24 hr gyms. It's $19 a month if you get the auto debit, or 29 a month (no annual fee) if you pay as you go.

    It doesn't have a lot of amenities, but I can work it at 2 am, which is what I really wanted. I have enough issues figuring out the bloody weight machines without some swole dude laughing at me.
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    $100/month for a local, family-owned gym. Unlimited classes (spinning, yoga, boxing, OTF-type training), plenty of cardio machines, pretty extensive weight room (machines and free). I pay a little extra per month for unlimited childcare. There are a few other amenities that have nominal fees, but I don't partake.

    I could go somewhere cheaper, but convenience and atmosphere keep me here :)
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    jbee27 wrote: »
    kaaaayla wrote: »
    Okay so what I'm seeing here is that most people have some kind of deal for being a student, having Obama Care, through their work, etc. Bummer, none of that would apply to me. I miss being in college and having a super nice facility for free.

    "Obama Care"? Must have missed anyone mentioning that. Also must have missed the subsidized gym membership section when I read the ACA. :D

    No Obama care discounts, work discounts, student discounts, I pay $34/month, plus $10 for unlimited group classes. Gym has tons of equipment, really nice locker rooms, classes, and a pool.

    Yeah you did. "I pay my insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield $20 a month. That gives me a card that I can use at all the cheaper gyms, and the YMCA in my town. Only the super fancy gym with the towel attendants isn't part of the blue cross deal. So, I pay 20. No commitment, no nothing. Part of Obamacare."
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    $10 a month eos fitness
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    £36 a month for gym (7am-10pm) and unlimited classes. I don't use the gym though, I go purely for classes.

    I pay for my membership after about 3 days as each class is about £7.50.
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    The NYC Y is $85/mo for all city, Parks and Recreation is $25/year senior membership, and 24-HR Fitness is free because I'm an instructor.
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    I work out in my garage. If I factor the cost of the equipment (power cage, weights, barbells, benches, dumbbells, etc.) over a 2-year period, it comes out to around $100 a month for a family membership. On the bright side, after a couple years, it drops to zero out of pocket unless I decide to buy another piece of equipment. Not so bright side is that all the cost was up front.

    But it is one hell of a gym.
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    £16.99 per month here. PureGym in the UK, I've no complaints, plenty of equipment and free classes.
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    I'm surprised at the college students that have to pay for their university's gym! My university's gym has pretty much all the equipment you'd ever want (although only two squat racks), free group fitness classes, a pool, and cheap rates on personal trainers and a dietitian for all students. The only things you have to pay for (as mentioned earlier) are the personal trainers and dietitian if you choose to use those services.

    Otherwise, I'm kinda nervous about the prospects of having to pay an outrageous amount of money for a crappy gym once I graduate (if I don't get a job on the air force base, which has like 6 gyms)