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Long term (and I mean LONG TERM) exercise!

robininflrobininfl Member Posts: 1,137 Member Member Posts: 1,137 Member
Another thread I was watching turned into a conversation about old people and exercise.

What do you consider sustainable exercise?

Who do you know, or know of, who is still exercising at advanced age, and what do they do? How long have they done it?

What do you consider unsustainable exercise? What would break you down over time instead of maintaining you?

And do you think that what you do trumps genetics, or do you think that the old people who are athletes are genetically gifted and that's how they are able to continue so long?

Also anything else you want to add, of course.


  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 13,347 Member Member Posts: 13,347 Member
    Looking forward to seeing the replies for this question :smile:

    At 47 I don't consider myself old but I do think about whether I'll be able to keep up my 90 mins a day workouts as I age (run for 45-60 mins x 5 days and walk loads plus strength train x 3 days).

    I don't see why I couldn't continue my current schedule, been consistently active for 4 years now and love it :smile:

    I strength train especially as I know it'll stand me know good stead for the aging process...I hope to be a fitted and strong old lady :smiley:

    I am of the notion, we keep using it, we won't lose it :smile: obviously if health allows, we never know what lies ahead of us (and a good job too).

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  • VeloRat1969VeloRat1969 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Define "advanced age"...

    If I had to generalize - I'd say think in terms of low impact versus high impact (cycling and swimming versus running), and exercises/sports that don't require a lot of quick changes of direction (rowing versus basketball).

    That said, there will be numerous exceptions to this rule, of course...
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Member Posts: 10,666 Member Member Posts: 10,666 Member
    As a cyclist, I notice a lot of older folks on bikes. It's a fun and low impact exercise, it's also transportation, that gets people outside (thus producing happiness), and is as intense or moderate as you want to make it - perfect recipe for the long term.
  • astrampeastrampe Member Posts: 2,207 Member Member Posts: 2,207 Member
    What age do you see as "old"?
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 13,347 Member Member Posts: 13,347 Member
    I have several mfp friends who are fit/active and in their 60s and even early 70s. One in particular lifts heavy even with ill health. I suppose where there's a will there's a way? :smile:

    I know several 70 yr olds who cycle regularly 60+ miles at a time.

    Cycling is easy on the joints :smile:
  • robininflrobininfl Member Posts: 1,137 Member Member Posts: 1,137 Member
    I did Jazzercise with two ladies over 80 :)
    Met a 95 year old man jogging to an aerobics class.
    My mom walks at least 5 miles a day at 75, she isn't athletic but is active.

    I think of jogging, aerobics, definitely walking, and yoga as very sustainable forms of exercise. In sports I think of the Masters' division in AAU, which sports have an active older contingent...I know about swimming and diving, that's a busy league, there are masters' divisions in track and field and powerlifting and probably a bunch of others but I don't know how active they are? Someone pointed out in the earlier thread that there are a lot of older marathoners.

    I do wonder about genetics vs behavior though...why do some people wear out so bad, and others seem to be helped so much by activity?
  • Tweaking_TimeTweaking_Time Member Posts: 734 Member Member Posts: 734 Member
    I ride, I golf, hunt and fish with my sons, and I work my farm with all the hard work that comes with it like clearing brush, chainsawing, digging, etc.

    It might kill me one day, but at least I lived my life not cooped up in a house, inactive and overweight, looking at the idiot-tube and watching 1/2 hour of commercials for every hour of TV (although I used to do that - but no more).

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  • WillbenchforcupcakesWillbenchforcupcakes Member Posts: 4,980 Member Member Posts: 4,980 Member
    Powerlifting. I know 88 year olds who still compete in full power, and watched a 91 year old do bench only a couple weekends ago. 75 year olds who took the sport up three years ago and are competitive.

    I have plans to lift until I physically can't anymore.
  • robininflrobininfl Member Posts: 1,137 Member Member Posts: 1,137 Member
    astrampe wrote: »
    What age do you see as "old"?

    Personally? Over 70, more or less. That's when I plan to be an old lady, sometime around 70 years old. Can't do it earlier as I had some of my kids later in life, LOL.
  • Asher_EthanAsher_Ethan Member Posts: 2,430 Member Member Posts: 2,430 Member
    My mom is 64 (65 in November) and dances 3x a week at least. She can also still do the splits. She been dancing for over 50 years.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,594 Member Member Posts: 39,594 Member
    I'm a cyclist and hang out with a lot of other cyclist and my trainer works with a lot of cycling enthusiasts. One of his clients is in his late 70s and he lifts and rides...he's not doing power lifting or anything like that, but he lifts and he rides regularly...he's actually doing the time trial series this summer.

    There are a lot of people in my circle of cycling friends who are in their 70s and a few in their 80s...and they aren't just casual joy riders, these folks are still doing 1/2 centuries and the like.
  • STEVE142142STEVE142142 Member Posts: 867 Member Member Posts: 867 Member
    robininfl wrote: »
    astrampe wrote: »
    What age do you see as "old"?

    Personally? Over 70, more or less. That's when I plan to be an old lady, sometime around 70 years old. Can't do it earlier as I had some of my kids later in life, LOL.

    Old age is a variable term. To me it's more of an attitude and that attitude is going to transfer into a physical reality. My uncle is over 80 years old and he still goes out with the younger guys (50's) and play soccer with them once in awhile.
    And we all know people in the fifties who are ready to put one foot into the grave. One of the gyms I used to belong to had a a group of older gentlemen in their late seventies to mid-eighties who were the unofficial uncles and grandfathers of the gym. They would meet there a couple times a week workout BS and have a great time.

    As far as what you refer to sustained exercise lot of the posters have summed it up could be walking bicycle riding swimming same kind of exercises you do now but not a less intense level.

  • acampbe2umdacampbe2umd Member Posts: 145 Member Member Posts: 145 Member
    My 91 year old grandma still goes to the Y to participate in aerobics classes 3 days per week. I would love to be like her!
  • Pam_ShebammPam_Shebamm Member, Premium Posts: 167 Member Member, Premium Posts: 167 Member
    There's this old guy who shows up to all the local 5ks and gets an award basically for finishing because the 70+ category is so small. I'm sure back in his prime he was actually winning, but the fact that he still shows up on race day is amazing. And I'm sure his medal collection is awesome.

    That's who I want to be in 50+ years. The old lady with the bangin' medal display.
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 18,903 Member Member Posts: 18,903 Member
    Old is also a state of mind as well as calendar years - I work with a lovely guy who is a couple of years younger than me, he's fat, had a triple bypass, diabetic and acts so damn old! Never does any exercise, barely active really, only started to take care of his diet after becoming diabetic. Sadly I can't predict a long and healthy old age for him.

    My health, strength and fitness are precious to me and I invest the time and effort accordingly. Neither of my parents had the retirement they deserved and that motivates me.

    Started weight training in 1974 as a reaction to a bullying culture at school and can't see the time I will ever stop. There's a perverse satisfaction in lifting more than old farts are "supposed" to that tickles my funny bone. Also suits my self-competitive nature.

    Cycling is my other big thing, part as a personal challenge to improve but it's also kind on my knackered knees and takes me to wonderful places. I'll need a knee replacement one day but that should only be a hurdle to overcome rather than a full stop.
    I see loads of 70+ cyclists doing endurance events and they are a great inspiration, both because they are still doing it and also because of the obvious benefits to their quality of life: mental, emotional and physical.

    Growing old gracefully my *kitten*!
    Growing old disgracefully FTW. :wink:
  • RoxieDawnRoxieDawn Member Posts: 15,498 Member Member Posts: 15,498 Member
    OP please describe "OLD"..

    I will be the 85 year old granny doing leg days on Tuesdays! I am not sure why so curious about this and is this part of a study you are doing?

    And I cannot respond to all those questions, but sustainable exercise, is exercise that you can do.. at any age!!!!
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