5'4, 145 Need motivation from girls around my size

I want to lose 20 pounds! I'm starting by trying to lose five pounds this month! Who is with me?


  • kimkimcoleman
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    I'm 5'6" and 145. 20 pounds would be awesome, I'll be happy to lose 10!
  • Mjtckwnow
    Mjtckwnow Posts: 528 Member
    I'm 5'5 149 currently down 17 pounds with 20 more to lose. Will be happy with another 14 lost.
  • emilyreif1
    emilyreif1 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey guys!
    I am also about 5'4 or 5, looking to get down to 130-135. It's a struggle... I'm eating between 1400 and 1700 calories a day but I'm aware I need to lower it.
  • juliebam71
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    Awesome!!!!! How about we post our weight weekly and keep each other encouraged! Anyone have Fitbit?
  • girl_inflames
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    I'm 5 ft 6 - at 156 today (down 40 pounds). My original goal was to get to 155 but I'm looking to get to around 140-145 now. Maybe less so I can bulk up on muscle a little
  • kimkimcoleman
    kimkimcoleman Posts: 105 Member
    I have a fitbit! I've been running 4-5 days a week (the only way I have ever been able to lose weight) which also allows me to eat a little more which is nice and necessary because it makes me ravenous. I have been working exclusively from home for the past year which has definitely contributed to me gaining about 10 pounds. Gotta move more!
  • lifeandleaves
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    I'm your height and your goal weight and just looking to improve my health and lose recent weight gain due to illness. Happy to share my diary with you.
  • _emma_78
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    I'm 5'4 and started at 130 and now 115 ish, trying to lose some fat and gain muscle now. You can do it! I ate around 1200 to 1400 while I was losing and although it didn't come off fast it seems like it looking back. Stick with it and don't throw all your progress away if you over eat one time. That's like dropping your phone and then deciding well it dropped so I'm just going to smash it on the ground.
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    I started at 179. 145 now, with 15 more to go. We can do it!
  • Mjtckwnow
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    I'm going to make Friday my check-in day, so here goes...

    Starting Weight: 167.7
    Current Weight: 149.2
    Goal Weight: 129

    Friday 6/17: 153.6
    Friday 6/24: 149.2

    Pounds Lost This Week: 4.4
    Total Pounds Lost: 18.5
    Pounds to Goal: 20.2
    (I'm 5'5ish)

    Strengths This Week: I've exercised everyday (in moderation due to injuries), drank a lot of water, completing 2nd week of no-gluten, no added sugars, no alcohol, no starchy carbs, no processed foods.

    Struggles This Week: Still dealing with (4th week) Achilles tendonitis in both legs but it is improving plus strained quad muscle still a lingering problem. Due to these I've had to scale my running way back and focus more on strength straining & stretching.
  • arniedog74
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    5'1 141 lbs... Struggling terribly to get to 130... Not even able to lose 1lb a month... Desperately need motivation
  • kbf2107
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    CW: 147.8
    SW: 190
    Body Fat %: 27.8

    GW: 135
    Goal Body Fat %: 24

    I do mainly strength training with 2 days of HIIT per week. Also a lactose intolerant vegetarian who loves cooking vegan foods. Feel free to add me! I've been in a plateau for the past two months and could use the extra support.
  • sdgbt
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    I'm 5'7 and 147 pounds. Just joined, and looking for people in a similar situation. I have been this weight since I put on 1 stone and feel like I just can't budge the scales.
  • sbl1881
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    I'm 5'3, 148 now (was 132 in Sept). Looking for friends to help motivate me too. Feel free to add me!
  • cphixo91
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    I'm 5"3 and 150 right now. I had a baby 3 months ago and want to get back down to 130ish. Anybody can feel free to add me... I'm not new to weight loss, I lost 100 lbs after my first baby and I'm 100% determined to get back to my old fitness level!
  • FitVegetarian14516
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    5"4 and 155! 33 pounds down and 30 to lose :smiley: you can do it if you believe!
  • BlueberryWatermelon
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    You can do it!!

    I'm also 5'4. Started at 140, currently at 132, with a goal weight of 120. I've lost about 8 pounds in a little over two months. It feels really slow, but at least it's progress. I'm hoping to hit the halfway mark before I leave for vacation in two weeks! eeek!

    My goal is 1300/day plus exercise calories. Feel free to add me! :smiley:
  • haleyalenexx
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    Right there with you!
    I am 5'3. Starting weight was 152, I'm down to 147.5 last time i checked and my goal weight is 130, but ultimately I'd like to try and get to 125.
    Its tough to stay motivated but this app has really helped me a lot.
  • NovaDuck
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    I'm 5'3". Already lost 40lb but still have 26 or so to go. Feel free to add me. :)
  • lee14
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    I'm 5'4", down almost 33lbs since the start of the year. I'm now at 147 lbs, aiming for 135lbs. As I get closer to my goal, my weight loss has slowed, but I am okay with that and plan on trying to focus more on exercise and fitness than weight loss. I'm in no hurry and don't want to have to buy smaller clothes again until I need a fall/ winter wardrobe. I don't do well following a strict diet regimen and have just been eating smaller portions of the same food I cook for the family which works for me.