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Vegetarian Meals Part 2 (Photo Heavy)



  • babynew
    babynew Posts: 613 Member
    Fantastic...!!!.. Brilliant!!!..the best Eye Appeal, and great combos! .. YOUR zuke enchillada boats have INspired me for tonights dinner Thanks a Bunch!
  • pocketmole
    pocketmole Posts: 614 Member
    Thank you :]

    500 cal enchilada dinner with veggie chicken/avocado filling and homemade rancheros sauce. Side of black beans and roasted zucchini spears.

  • desigirl23
    desigirl23 Posts: 18 Member
    Vegetarian chicken enchiladas with avocado cream sauce.


    Please, recipe for this please????????????????//
  • pocketmole
    pocketmole Posts: 614 Member
    I don't have a proper recipe written up but here is my MFP entry with a few notes added to it. Ignore the fact that the tortillas are listed in two different entries. The number was wrong the first time so I just added two more at the end. There might be some seasonings that I left out here, but I don't think so. I don't always log things like dried herbs in my recipes because the caloric content is so trivial. Half of the sauce (maybe a little less) goes into the filling with some Mexican cheese. The remainder is for putting on top of the enchiladas. Oh and chihuahua cheese could be whatever cheese you like.

  • l00nylovegood
    l00nylovegood Posts: 8 Member
    Please come cook for me! All the mexican food looks to die for!

    Edit: also now that I'm looking back... whoever said you should make a cookbook is SPOT ON! I would so buy it.
  • ghsfitnesspal
    ghsfitnesspal Posts: 260 Member
    Just tagging to see your new meal ideas and check the recipes on your website :) it looks splendid - got loads to try now, thank you!
  • sweepgurl101
    Please move to Syracuse, NY and be my personal chef.....Droooooling right now
  • Iamtheseer
    Iamtheseer Posts: 4 Member
    Your food looks delicious!!! I am definitely going to try a couple of your recipes.
  • sarahmoo12
    sarahmoo12 Posts: 756 Member
    I love your food!
  • floop1207
    floop1207 Posts: 194 Member
    *wipes drool away*

  • fsucrack
    fsucrack Posts: 68 Member
    Thank you for sharing!! These look incredible... as a vegetarian I am always looking for new food to try that are not surrounded by rice and pasta. You have some great looking foods and I was wondering if I could get a few reciepes to try.

    Chickpea burger
    baked hummus seitan
    tofu egg salad
    green lasanga
    truffled mac&cheese with roasted califlower

    I really wish that you could share recipes amongst friends
  • kbeardmore22
    kbeardmore22 Posts: 283 Member
    Your food looks AMAZING, I also would like a few recipes. Wow, gives me inspiration to try new things:)

    Recipes I would love if you would share:

    Green Lasagna
    7 Layer lasagna
    Truffled Mac & Cheese with roasted cauliflower
  • cadaverousbones
    cadaverousbones Posts: 421 Member
    So back when I first joined MFP I made a forum post sharing a lot of photos of my vegetarian cooking. You can check it out here if you like: At the time I had lost around 45lbs. I have since lost another 20lbs and figured I would make a second thread showing some of the things I have prepared since then. I know there are quite a few people that may be curious about what a vegetarian diet looks like, and some of the vegetarians may wonder what kind of foods they can eat and still lose weight. (The answer is pretty much whatever you want, in moderation.)

    A little bit about me and the guidelines I've set for myself as far as my weight loss in concerned:

    • I made it a point to stop basing all of my meals around pasta and rice - which wasn't so straightforward as a vegetarian. I still eat them, but far less than I used to. I opt for whole grains when I can.
    • I work out 3-5 days a week. M-W-F I go to boot camp to get my *kitten* kicked. I've since started doing some lifting on at least one of my non boot camp days. I occasionally go running as well. Hoping to finish my first 5k in November.
    • I'm not a fan of "skinny" shortcuts with my cooking. I don't do splenda, diet sodas, or fat free cheeses. Popular recipes like the banana "pancake" (you all know the one) don't appeal to me at all. I make my pancakes with flour and sugar, then I top them with butter. And rum infused caramel if I feel like it :)
    • When cooking I try to compromise rather than eliminate. If I make muffins I may sub in whole wheat flour for part of the white flour. I may sub out some of the oil for apple sauce. I may cut back on the sugar. If I can reduce the calories of a dish by 20% without sacrificing flavor in any way, that's a success to me. I want my food to taste legit, yo.
    • Portion control, which is made possible by logging everything I eat. Occasionally I want something rich so I will balance it out by having less of it and eating a salad or some roasted veggies on the side.
    • If I have a day of pure calorie overload I just let it go and eat well the next day. That was a hard habit to break as I used to be one of those people that would say, "Oh I f***ed up. I guess I'll start fresh on Monday." Even though it's only Tuesday.
    • I'm pretty lax on the weekends, but not out of control. Usually. :)
    • Most days I eat between 1300-1500 calories. On weekends I will sometimes have 1800-1900. I generally eat back about half of my exercise calories but I'm not all scientific about it or anything.

    TL;DR: No summary, just pics for you.

    jalapeno cheddar polenta with black beans and fresh pico

    truffled mac and cheese with roasted cauliflower

    vegan "beef" stew made with stout

    hummingbread bread with neufchatel glaze and toasted coconut

    savory oatmeal with smoked gouda

    tim tam crumble bars

    green lasanga

    7 layer dip lasanga

    butternut squash and smoked gouda macaroni

    spinach artichoke dip pasta

    white wine roasted shiitakes over whole wheat fettucine

    egg-free potato and onion frittata

    jalapeno cornbread muffins

    southwestern vegetarian chili

    pears baked in cream, butter, and rum - topped with crumbled gingersnap cookies

    hard cider banana bread

    individual eggplant parmesans

    baked lentil stew with polenta

    seville orange whiskey sour with homemade drunken cherries

    spinach tamales with chili sauce and 3 bean avocado salad

    stone fruit cobbler muffins

    vegetarian meatballs with fettucine and marinara

    enchilada inspired stuffed zucchini boats

    chocolate tofu pudding

    taco salad, minus the usual taco shell bowl

    seared quorn and roasted root veggies with thyme

    drunken mushrooms over parmesan polenta with roasted aparagus

    tom kha gai with tofu

    roasted ratatouille with veggie italian sausage

    tofu "egg" salad with avocado

    baked hummus seitan with salad

    quorn roast with cheesy baked spaghetti squash

    chili lime veggie for soft tacos (and roasted corn for my boyfriend)

    chocolate chip with walnut on the right, chocolate chip with toffee and sea salt on the left

    banana rum pancakes


    kale avocado salad with chili tofu

    lemon poppyseed zucchini bread

    stuffed baked tomato with farro

    open faced chickpea burger with basil pesto, feta, and olives

    yummy lunchtime sammich with cherries

    chili dog on a pretzel roll

    deconstructed lettuce wrap salad with spicy peanut sauce

    squash blossom quesadillas with refried beans and homemade pico

    cherry tomato soup with cream and pan seared haloumi cubes

    roasted poblano and potato soup

    apple brie crostini with cinnamon honey walnuts

    pizza: fontina, italian sausage, squash, and purple basil

    homemade butter with garlic and herbs

    mixed tomato salad with basil, fresh mozzarella, and homemade garlic croutons

    Do you have your recipes somewhere? I would love to have them. Please message me if you do have recipes! :love: :love: :love: :love:
  • pragya728
    pragya728 Posts: 250 Member
    OMG!! I am dying. I am vegetarian, and I am so happy that I found this thread!!! I can't decide which recipe I want first!! That is if you don't mind sharing :-)
  • samcee
    samcee Posts: 307
    wow! looks absolutely amazing. i need to learn to cook! ><
  • clheide
    clheide Posts: 112 Member
    I am not vegetarian nor do I ever plan to be. However, this food looks nothing short of FREAKING AMAZING, and I plan on trolling through that blog of yours and trying out some of these recipes!

    Thanks for sharing, and please keep updating your blog!!!
  • rlinaresv
    rlinaresv Posts: 108
    Hey, I WANNA BE A VEGAN, not just kidding I love to much my steak but they look really delicious and for sure I'll try a big amount of those dishes. Thanks for sharing
  • dlbaron
    dlbaron Posts: 79 Member
    bump to check your blog later

    your photos are gorgeous. obviously the food looks amazing, but you're a talented photographer/food stylist as well!
  • IAgirlinCO
    IAgirlinCO Posts: 7 Member
    Pocketmole - LOVE the photos. You're meal ideas are great and I am definitely going to check out your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration.
  • sarahstumpff
    sarahstumpff Posts: 6 Member
    I wish I could pay you to come to my house and cook for me! Every one of these looks amazing and I cant wait to try them. thank you for posting :)