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Do you log the small nibbles you take in your MFP diary?



  • godlikepoetyes
    godlikepoetyes Posts: 442 Member
    I log every single bite. Nibbles can add up very quickly. Of course, I don't really nibble a lot. I EAT.
  • Savyna
    Savyna Posts: 789 Member
    Not usually. Mainly it's when I'm cooking and am testing for seasoning, I'll take a minute bit on my fingertip to flesh it out on my tongue. When I nibble I really take small bits just to taste. If it feels like its heavier than 1 oz I log it.
  • TonyB0588
    TonyB0588 Posts: 9,520 Member
    LisaKay91 wrote: »
    Yep. I try to over estimate and log. I have logged exactly 1 m&m and 1 almond before.

    Do you actually mean one single M&M or one pack of M&Ms?! And one tiny almond!? I don't do that, but I find myself reading the serving size on everything now and might log 0.33, 0.5, or 0.66 of a serving if I just had a biscuit or two.
  • CajunCher2005
    CajunCher2005 Posts: 21 Member
    If I nibble a lot, I log it as a Costco graze. If I nibble a little, I don't count it any more than I count steps outside of the steps I'm taking for a planned walk.
  • Shana67
    Shana67 Posts: 680 Member
    As much as humanly possible, I do.
  • gonetothedogs19
    gonetothedogs19 Posts: 325 Member
    Seems a little obsessive compulsive to log every bit of food you eat. I just ate four baby carrots. I'm going to log that? Nope, I'll pass.
  • spring913
    spring913 Posts: 158 Member
    I do my best to.

    I'm a cook. So nibbles are part of my job. Right now (as I do have a lot of weight to lose) I estimate 100-200 cal a day for nibbles, and do my best to eat 100-200 cal under my daily goal to account for it. I know I'll have to tighten that up in the future, but it's working for me right now.
  • RainaProske
    RainaProske Posts: 636 Member
    Seems a little obsessive compulsive to log every bit of food you eat. I just ate four baby carrots. I'm going to log that? Nope, I'll pass.
    Seriously, we can label it this way, but if it works, it works.
  • moosekelly
    moosekelly Posts: 16 Member
    I log everything.
  • Merkavar
    Merkavar Posts: 3,082 Member
    If it has calories, log it, especially considering what most people nibble on are high calorie foods like chips or lollies, it adds up fast.

    Record on a piece of paper the weight of the foods you nibble on then at the end of the day add up the calories, you might be surprised to find that 100 calories of snacks was more like 400.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 25,294 Member
    When something as small as a hard candy can be 30 calories ... yep, I log all the little bits and pieces.

    It's good incentive not to bother swinging by the reception candy dish and grabbing one or two ... too much of a pain to log them.
  • setharael
    setharael Posts: 8 Member
    For me personally, if I tried logging every time I licked the spoon or tasted an ingredient when cooking I'd very quickly find myself obsessing and would give up. But I don't nibble otherwise, unless its already planned, and I'm trying to build a framework within which I can eat rather than an exact count. So it works for me, but might not for someone being strict with their calories.
  • CarrieBeard
    CarrieBeard Posts: 117 Member
    If You Bite It...Write It.
  • ogtmama
    ogtmama Posts: 1,403 Member
    Actually...if I'm being perfectly honest, I suppose if I get to the end of the day and I know I've been right on with my logging all day and I have enough room for something, I'll just eat it.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,342 Member
    When I did log my food the only nibbles I didn't log was when I was baking which meant the odd licking the bowl leftovers of cake batter. What I did though was add a few hundred quick add calories to cover that. That worked a treat for me.
  • st476
    st476 Posts: 357 Member
    It depends on how many calories I had that day. My goal is 1200-1300. If I only pre logged 1900 calories for the day or wasn't hungry enough to eat something, I don't bother logging nibbles. I don't nibble on anything that would be extremely high calorie (I usually have a couple chocolate chips or maybe a couple pieces of cereal or something like that) so I know that it wouldn't take me over 1300 or even over 1210 honestly. But if I'm at 1280 calories, I log everything. This isn't really set in stone though because sometimes my calories for the day are low and I log nibbles anyways. I guess it just depends on if I feel like it and if it's necessary on that specific day :smile:
  • Dove0804
    Dove0804 Posts: 213 Member
    I do log them for the most part, yes. Nibbling adds up FAST. Also, by accounting for them, I'm less likely to nibble things for the sake of nibbling.
    I think it's all a part of being honest with yourself when logging- that's one of the major problems people face when they're struggling to lose weight with MFP. Many people (my father included), drastically underestimate what they're actually eating.
    If you're not going to be honest, the only person you're doing a disservice to is yourself.
  • Bluepegasus
    Bluepegasus Posts: 333 Member
    It depends, I don't bother logging cups of coffee and I don't bother logging a handful of nuts or a couple of boiled sweets. Everything else I log. I'm set at 1200 calories a day but I don't weigh my food, so non of my logging is accurate, I know I actually consume more than 1200 which is why it's set so low. I have lost a pound a week doing this, so it's working for me.