What's your perfect car?



  • QueenLT75
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    I already have a BMW but wud love a M3 in this pink
  • ninerbuff
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    Porche 911 Carrera

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  • denversillygoose
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    A Tesla with room for 2 bikes in the back. Combustion engines are sooo last century.
  • joelo_83
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    What I'm working towards:

    '16 M4 GTS

    What I'd love to retire with:

    455 Italia
  • DarleneReid577
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    Trucks are for real girls. Nothing but a Dodge Ram outdoorsman all the way. Don't dodge it ram it....lmfao
  • ncboiler89
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  • PBWaffleCakes
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    2016 Chevy Volt. I have 3 free charging station right by my house and I like the new look.
  • Schmitty_89
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    I love my boxy cars. Mostly all 90's. Mercury Topaz, Grand Marquees, Crown Victoria, and an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I already own a Topaz but it be nice if the style was still around but updated. <3
  • tmi_gang
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    I'm not picky.
    I have a Challenger, but I would like to have the Challenger Hellcat.

  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I drive 25k-30k miles annually and do road trips on vacation... so I've driven in 48 states and a couple of provinces. For the past 6 years, I've been driving a Toyota Yaris hatchback. It's small and practical, but I can handle it in ways you might not guess (for example, I took it over Wolf Creek Pass one night in late Dec. with no tire chains). It is a pretty basic car, and doesn't have cruise control or a remote.

    My next car has to get at least as good or better mileage as my Yaris and it has to be capable of carrying a kayak on top. I also look for something that is feature-rich (back up camera, cruise control, bluetooth, etc.). Considering the must-haves brings it down to 3 possible vehicles - Mazda CX5, Mini Countryman, Toyota Prius V. Since all can be purchased with additional features, I choose the car that has the best mileage - Toyota Prius V. Because I'm practical.

    Having said that, if I ever chose to have a 2nd vehicle for "fun" and money was not an issue, I would get a Tesla Roadster.
  • Tigg_er
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    Just sold this , Broke my heart :'( to sell it. Have had it since I was 16
    Sorry for the crap pictures, I was shaken saying good bye.


  • tmi_gang
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    @Tigg_er That is a BEAUTY.
  • PamelaW41
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    My husband asked me the other day what I want, bc it's time to get me a new car. I said something that cranks up every time I get in it, has air conditioning, and I don't have to go to a car lot to look at. LOL.
  • Tsartele
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    If money wasn't an issue. What would you go for and why ???

    1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 long nose with the alloy body. In red of course.

    The 1969 Camaro RS with the 383ci that I owned and was forced to sell.

    Ferrari 458

    Koenigsegg Agera R

    Lamborghini Hurricane

    Aston Martin Vanquish

    BMW M5 for a daily driver

    I have a passion for Italian sports cars and to me there is nothing finer than a Ferrari. I loved every second I have spent driving them. Lamborghini makes an awesome car as well which I enjoyed my time in as well. Both cars have very different personalities but are equally as exciting to drive.

    Aston Martin's exudes so much class

    The Koenigsegg is pretty rare and one of the fastest and most unique cars in the world

    BMW because everyone needs a grocery getter something to load the family in but it still has close to 500hp on tap.
  • Tigg_er
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    tmi_gang wrote: »
    @Tigg_er That is a BEAUTY.

    Thank You ,, :) should see Her in the sun,,,,,428 car 4speed, Still kicking myself in the *kitten*
  • Ws2016
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    '57 Willys Jeep
  • VelociraptorEyes
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    Chevy Bel Air :)
  • amorfati601070
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    None, I hate cars...