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For those who have gym membership.....



  • SiempreBella
    SiempreBella Posts: 125 Member
    If I am good. 30 mins weights and 60-45 mins treadmill. At times I just go on the treadmill.
  • DesireeAshley90
    DesireeAshley90 Posts: 137 Member
  • maundrelle
    maundrelle Posts: 39 Member
    on Gym days I usually do:

    10 minute joint/dynamic warm up
    20 minutes strength training (upper body/back/lower back, switching from day to day)
    35 minutes HIIT on the elliptical or stationary bike.

    on non Gym days, I do a mix of HIIT, pilates, dance or other cardio, or power yoga for exercise :)
  • Lupercalia
    Lupercalia Posts: 1,857 Member
    I spend about an hour to an hour and a half lifting weights 4x per week. I walk to and from the gym on those days.

    On non-gym days, I train at home doing bodyweight exercises and kettlebell stuff--I spend about an hour doing all that, then I typically go out for a walk.
  • autumnsquirrel
    autumnsquirrel Posts: 258 Member
    How long do your gym workouts last? If possible please outline your typical day's routine.
    I get to the gym at 9, do a warm up on an elliptical. 9:30 is spin class, 10:30 is Group Power, which is like Body Pump. That's 2.5 hours, but.....Lately my workout is roughly an hour; I am doing mostly walking briskly to get my 10,000 steps. This has worked much better than all that time at the gym.
  • rabblerabble
    rabblerabble Posts: 471 Member
    On cardio days (high intensity intervals) I usually go for about 20-25 minutes is all (which is plenty as I leave with my heart racing and sweat pouring off of me) On lifting days, about a few minutes warming, I lift for about 45 minute and then am out of there.
  • catbubbles
    catbubbles Posts: 28
    I hardly ever do the same routine. I always get in cardio for at least 25 minutes at least 5 times a week, and 3-4 days a week I get in at least 15 minutes of weight training. However, Sometimes I do a heck of a lot more when time allows.

    I like to get at least an hour a day in if I can.
  • surromom2010
    surromom2010 Posts: 457 Member
    If I am good. 30 mins weights and 60-45 mins treadmill. At times I just go on the treadmill.

    45-60 mins on a treadmill? Are you MAD?? I can see running for that long but I can barely make it 20 mins on a hamster street before im bored to tears haha.:sad: . Nice Job!
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 5,029 Member
  • ShelliePAwesome
    ShelliePAwesome Posts: 42 Member
  • crazyten
    crazyten Posts: 57 Member
    I work out 5-7 days a week 2 to 4 hours a day.


    TASK: Get a combat-athletic fitness body and capability.
    CONDITIONS: Given a standard gym with barbbells, dumbells, pull up rack and a place to run (Treadmill or outside).
    STANDARDS: Complete the workout below and write down your accomplishments in weights and time over a period greater than three months. Muscle failure is important. If you can complete all three sets of an exercise with all 15 reps in good form then the next week you need to move up in weight.
    30 Second Break between exercises.
    Each Superset exercise is preformed 3 times alternating. Example, 15 reps of Lateral Raises, 30 second break, then 15 reps of Bent Over Rows, 30 second break and repeat cycle 2 more times.
    Full range of motion. If you bend that far, you work that far.
    CARDIO Run 3 Miles for Time
    ABS3 sets of inclined situps. 25 Reps.25 Reps each. If the first set of 25 reps are easy or moderate then you need a bigger incline or hold a weight.
    Superset1Clean and Press to Military Press15 Reps. Start in 'deadlift' position with barbell. Hands outside of your shoulder's width. Bring barbell over your head, then military press to your chest and back over you head 15 times. Pull upsYou can use an assisted machine if necessary. If it is unavailable and you are still struggling, stay there until you can complete 15 reps.
    Superset 2Lateral Raise15 reps. Place a dumbbell in each hand with your hands at your side. Keeping your arms straight and at your side, raise your weights above the height of your shoulders. Bent Over RowPlace a barbell in your hands with your hands shoulder width apart. Bend over with your back parallel to the ground and pull the weight up to your chest then straighten out your arms.
    Superset 3Cable Pull down machine15 reps. This is a machine where you pull down a bar while seated, simulating pullups. Keep you hands outside your shoulders for your grip. Dumbbell Military Press15 reps. Keep your hands outside your shoulders. Start with your dumbbells at shoulder height and bring them all the way up until your arms are straight.
    Superset 4Dumbbell Row15 reps. Row a dumbbell with your back parallel to the ground. You can use a bench for stability if you need to. Make sure you preform with both arms. Upright RowStanding up, feet together, grab a barbell with your hands 1-inch apart in the center. Pull with your arms until the bar is to your chin. Keep your elbows above your hands throughout this exercise.
    CARDIO Run 3 Miles for Time
    ABS3 sets of inclined situps. 25 Reps.25 Reps each. If the first set of 25 reps are easy or moderate then you need a bigger incline or hold a weight.
    Superset1Dumbbell Curls15 Reps. Standing up straight, weights in front of your body, start with arms straight. Full range of motion. Triceps kickback15 Reps. One hand on a bench, one leg behind the other one. With the hand not on the bench, pick up one dumbbell and with your back parallel to the ground bring your elbow to the same height as your back and kick back the weight and slowly bring it back down.
    Superset 2Hammer Curl15 Reps. Just like dumbbell curls only with your hands turned in so that your palms are facing each other when curling. French Press15 Reps. One large dumbbell. Stand up with the dumbbell in your hands behind your head. Extend you arms until they are straight and then bring it back down so your hands are below your elbows.
    Superset 3Barbell Curl15 Reps. Pick up a barbell with your hands shoulder width apart and curl with a full range of motion. Do NOT bend your back. Triangle Pushups15 Reps. Pushups with your thumbs and forefingers touching. Ensure that your chest touches your hands when you go down.
    Superset 4Rope Curls15 Reps. On a cable machine. Use the rope to curl with weight, similar motion to hammer curls. Dips15 Reps. Ensure you have a full range of motion. Straighten out your arms on top and when you go down be sure that your shoulders are below your elbows.
    CARDIO Run 5 Miles for Time
    ABS3 sets of inclined situps. 25 Reps.25 Reps each. If the first set of 25 reps are easy or moderate then you need a bigger incline or hold a weight.
    Flat Bench15 Reps, 3 SetsFull Range of motion. Arms straight on top, Elbows slightly below your shoulders but not fully below.
    Incline Bench15 Reps, 3 SetsFull Range of motion. Arms straight on top, Elbows slightly below your shoulders but not fully below.
    Dumbbell Bench15 Reps, 3 SetsFull Range of motion. Arms straight on top, Elbows slightly below your shoulders but not fully below.
    Pushups25 Reps, 3 SetsFull Range of motion.
    CARDIO SprintsFor 2.5 miles you will sprint every 1/4 mile and walk/jog the following 1/4.
    ABS3 sets of inclined situps. 25 Reps.25 Reps each. If the first set of 25 reps are easy or moderate then you need a bigger incline or hold a weight.
    Superset1Squats15 Reps. Full range of motion. Hips below your knees. Deadlifts15 Reps.
    Superset 2Machined Squats15 Reps. Full range of motion. Hips below your knees. Leg Press15 Reps. Full range of motion. Knees to your chest.
    Superset 3Walking Lunges15 steps out and 15 steps back. Single Leg, leg press15 Reps on each leg.
    Superset 4Jump Squats25 Reps. Start in a deep squat with palms on the ground then jump up as high as you can. No resting position is authorized. Jump Lunges25 Reps. Start in deep lunge and jump and land into a deep lunge with opposite leg.

    Note: This workout is for a week. You should stretch this workout out with rest days between most of the workouts.
    Hi, thanks for this, it looks well thought of and structured.. I will most definitely try it out.
  • megsmom2
    megsmom2 Posts: 2,362 Member
    I try to get there three times a week (I do walk outside at least once or twice a week too). Normally I do half an hour of cardio...more on the weekend. I do a circuit of some of the machines too a couple of times a week, hitting each muscle group at least twice over the week.
  • crazyten
    crazyten Posts: 57 Member
    Wow. You all seem to be spending days at the gym. I now feel like I am not doing enough.
    For example, yesterday I did 20 minutes on the arc trainer at moderate resistance and then did 40 minutes strength and was out.
    Too little I know but I just don't want to spend too much time on cardio and I can only do so much lifting.
  • A2Zscents
    A2Zscents Posts: 34 Member
    I do a 50 minute spin class 3 days a week at my gym and then do a Jillian Michael DVD on the opposite days at home.
  • NanaWubbie
    NanaWubbie Posts: 248 Member
    Usually I set the treadmill to 5K. I do this everytime I am there. Three times a week I also do the circuit. Sometimes I'll do a yoga class or aerobics....
  • megleo818
    megleo818 Posts: 595 Member
    I do 35-45 minutes on the elliptical every day. I also do a cross-fit workout 3 times a week elsewhere. Or at least that's what I've been doing for the last week or so ... :)
  • Synapze
    Synapze Posts: 499
    I try to keep moving. 7 days.

    Monday: 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (legs) /20min Treadmill

    Tuesday 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (chest and tri's)/20min Treadmill

    Wednesday: 60min Treadmill (Rest day)

    Thursday: 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (biceps and back) /20min Treadmill

    Friday: 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (shoulders, calves and abs) /20min Treadmill

    Saturday: 60min Treadmill (Rest day)

    Sunday: 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (legs) /20min Treadmill

    Monday: 20min Treadmill/60min Weights (chest and tri's) /20min Treadmill

    Tuesday: 60min Treadmill (Rest day)


    No weight exercise is ever the same. Always different.
  • paulperryman
    paulperryman Posts: 839 Member
    I have been doing 60-90mins a day 5-6 days a week for nearly 5 months
    mostly cardio for the first 3 months but since then now i mix in atleast 25% of the time on weights/core

    standard day
    20mins on Crosstrainer/ellyptical
    20mins on Bike (5-7.5 miles)
    10mins on treadmill/rowing machine
    then 30mins doing core and or weights.
    plus cooldown or steam room.

    average around 12-15 calories a minute with cardio's and 10 on weights/core

    then just mix it up on the variations but always atleast 30mins of intense (for me) cardio.

    The other day i did weights first then finished with cardio or another might be do cardio then weights then cardio again so you keep the heart going after you've stopped

    was doing jogging aswell but i have to limit that cause it does too much impact to the knees

    Note tho exercise is for conditioning/shaping not weight loss, it helps speed up the fat/body mass loss but it also drains the body more, there is such a thing as too much. a happy balance between eating better and exercising just enough is the key.
  • Soccermavrick
    Soccermavrick Posts: 405 Member
    This is a personal one, because everybody has slightly different goals. Are you trying to lose massive weight, just tone up, build a bad *kitten* muscle, slim down, etc....... Also how much time, and how fast I you trying for? They all play into the equation.

    And honestly men and women tend to have very different goals. Might I add if you belong to a gym, most gyms offer Personal Training, and the first session is normally free. I would use your gym for a week or two, try to figure out what your goal is, and then maybe talk to the gym about a personal training session or two. I am not saying you need a P.T. permanently or full-time, just to help get you started down the path, or to help get you back on the right path from time to time.

    Also others in a gym are normally open to help, if they can, as long as the goal is training, not just social BS.
  • stephenidea
    I am currently trying hypertrophy training, so I'm at the gym 7 days a week. Start with PushDay which consists of chest, shoulders & triceps light weight high reps about 20 - 25. Day two is PullDay which focuses on back exercises & biceps. DayThree is LegsDay, the hardest sofar because of my baby legs. Then Day Four is my so called rest day which basically means no weights, just cardio exercises & swimming usually then I start again from the start but do everything heavy so rep range about 4-6.
    I'm at the gym about 2 and a half hours a day. Every workout ends with at least 20 mins cardio.