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High maintenance?

I really do want to lose weight but it seems a bit high maitenance to weigh all your foods to log them, so it also means that i can only eat at home so basically i'm gonna ruin my social life since i'm gonna stress about everything i eat. I don't think it's a way to live (no offense to people that actually do that) i don't know, i feel miserable being over weight even though i'm healthy..


  • LokiGrrl
    LokiGrrl Posts: 156 Member
    I completely admit to being obsessive about weighing and logging because I'm an obsessive person, and I'm always going to be obsessed with something or other, so it might as well be that! LOL.
  • Shana67
    Shana67 Posts: 680 Member
    It is pretty simple to weigh food. And to use the app as a good estimate when you're out. I mean.... if that's what you want (to drop weight), it's not so tough.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,027 Member
    I think it's pretty easy, once you learn the tricks of using a food scale. Adds only a few minutes to my day, and those minutes have had a huge payoff - losing over a third of my body weight, 60+ pounds. And logging has helped me improve my nutrition, besides, so I feel just great now, even though I was reasonably healthy & well-nourished before.

    For sure, weighing food is easier & quicker than using measuring cups. I did eyeballing/estimating for a while before I joined MFP, and did lose weight, but then hit a plateau, so I joined MFP, started weighing food . . . and learned that eyeballing was not a very accurate way of accomplishing a calorie deficit, for me. ;)

    Obsessing or stressing over it seem like a separate choice from the choice to do it, though. To me, the weighing makes it so understandable & manageable - like a fun science-fair project for grown-ups.

    I didn't have any trouble with eating out, or at other people's homes: While I do it regularly, it isn't constant, so the weighing happened at home, and when eating elsewhere I either used the restaurant's website calorie info (in the few cases where it was available), or estimated from memory, choosing similar dishes from the MFP database (and not the lowest-calorie examples out there, either!). Didn't seem to impair weight loss.

    That said, weighing & logging food is not for everyone. You probably know yourself best.
  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,049 Member
    OP you could start a thread asking how non loggers/weighers have lost weight. You may get some useful tips from them.
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,573 Member
    I find this episode of Ben Coomber's podcast to be helpful for people who are feeling overwhelmed about diet.
  • Bmoremama
    Bmoremama Posts: 84 Member
    Choose your hard.

    I decided 3 meals a day was hard for me so I replaced two with shakes, and weigh/measure/ log the third. It's hard(ish) but being undisciplined and huge was way more hard.
  • ogtmama
    ogtmama Posts: 1,403 Member
    I don't weigh and rarely measure and I've lost 30 pounds at a consistent rate of 2 pounds per week until I decided recently to slow down.

    I still log, I just assume the worst. I know that serving sizes are small but I always measure one out the first time just to see HOW small.

    If I think my strawberries are medium sized, I assume the powers that be think that they're large...and I use a measuring cup for cereal, rice or pasta just because a) they're pretty calorie dense, and b) it's easy to get carried away and deceived by the bowl.

    When I go out I use best estimates of similar foods or I add up the ingredients with the amount of oil/butter I imagine is appropriate for the restaurant.

    Is that at all helpful?

  • Bearbo27
    Bearbo27 Posts: 339 Member
    edited August 2016
    I use the app and it honestly isn't that big of a hassle to log. On the odd occasion I go to a restaurant with my family, I pick an option that is healthy (salad usually) and log it based on the nutritional info from the restaurant. I tend to leave a few hundred calories as a buffer in those occasions in case the restaurant info is off.

    You just have to ask yourself how bad you want to lose the weight. I wanted/needed to lose this weight and with 32 days of consistant logging I am down a total of 18 lbs as of today (I was 120 lbs overweight to start though). I still have a social life too. In fact me and some friends are planning a mom day out for lunch and a movie later this month. I'll be definitely making sure I stay reasonable with my choices and make sure it fits in my calories. I probably will forego the popcorn at the movies and order a salad so that I can enjoy my sangria margarita without going over, but that doesn't cut into my social life. I can still have a great time with friends all while logging my food and losing weight.
  • bquartermainNZ
    bquartermainNZ Posts: 6 Member
    I don't weigh my food but I log it and estimate my portion sizes on the number of calories.. seems to be going OK and its not difficult at all. The bar code scanner is champion! Use that and go from there.