What Protein Shake Powder do you Recomend?



  • MotherOfSharpei
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    Isopure flavorless protein...it mixes well with chocolate or vanilla almond milk, in a smoothie with other ingredients, or in baked goods, meatload, etc...
  • happyfamilee
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    I LOVE the Lifestyle mix from Le-Vel!!! It's 15g of protein, comes in 4 different flavors that all are really tastey and fills me up for hours!!! Also gluten free and non-GMO are good perks too!
  • singingflutelady
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    15g isn't that much protein but I guess since you are selling it you have to make it sound amazing
  • chelsea7162
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    I only have experience with vegan protein powders, but I hope this can still help. I prefer Orgain vanilla protein powder added to fruit smoothies and with unsweetened cashew milk for the liquid. Vega sport is very good for keeping you feeling satisfied for a long time, but I'm not a huge fan of the taste (at first it was good but I got tired of it). Luckily Vega sport can be found in single use packages so I suggest you try it out if whey bothers you (which it personally does for me)
  • 00jazzygirl15
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    I have tried all types of powders, top name brand and generic, and by far Isopure is the best. Not gonna lie, its pretty expensive. But if youre like me and flavor is a huge factor for you, then you should try it. Finding the right powder will take time, effort and money(but that goes without saying, haha). So good luck!! :)
  • boomhower1820
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    I use Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road and Vanilla daily. I used the Rocky Road for a long time with just milk as a shake. Now I make smoothies with them. I like the taste and nutrition they have. I won't be changing brands anytime soon.
  • Christine_72
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    I like

    Optimum nutrition chocolate /peanut butter casein.
    Quest peanut butter protein powder.

    I've just switched over to MuscleTech platinum iso-whey, peanut butter chocolate twist flavour
    I'm so happy to have finally found a pp that has a strong peanut buttery flavour. All the other brands I've tried have been too subtle tasting.

    In case you didn't notice, I'm a big fan of peanut butter flavoured anything :lol:
  • Chilli7777
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    I drink Aussie Bodies
  • dkginger
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    I like Bodylogix. Minimal ingredients, affordable. Get it on Amazon.
  • MrsLannister
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    Now unflavored protein isolate, 1 cup whole milk, 2 T Ovaltine.
  • AnvilHead
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    I LOVE the Lifestyle mix from Le-Vel!!! It's 15g of protein, comes in 4 different flavors that all are really tastey and fills me up for hours!!! Also gluten free and non-GMO are good perks too!

    It looks like an overpriced, substandard quality product to me. Plus it's sold through an MLM chain, and I don't support such scams. It's been my experience that the distributors spam forums/social media outlets very aggressively and pester people endlessly to peddle their products, and it's a major annoyance.

    As to the OP - my preference was Dymatize Elite Gourmet until I tried Trutein. I enjoy every one of their flavors I've tried and they don't hide behind "proprietary blends" or tout a bunch of "superfood" mumbo-jumbo.
    CJMcBRN Posts: 1 Member
    I tried Vega Essentials today. I liked it. I use to do whey protein in the past but now I'm trying Vegetable protein. It was good alone so imagine it will be really good with some fresh produce/fruit. Good Luck!
  • klbrowser
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    My fave is Naturade's meal replacement powders: 20 grams of protein plus vitamins from natural sources and amino acids. Gluten free, vegetarian friendly. Contains pea protein and has 7 grams of fiber per serving. Only 170 calories. I drink one for breakfast daily and eat normal food the rest of the day. I like their Chocolate and their Chai flavors.
  • mapetry
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    We like muscle tech as well. Chocolate is the only one we use. I think they only sell chocolate and vanilla where we shop. Good taste, blends well and fairly cheap. I also bought invigor8 from Amazon last week and sending it back. I gave it a good 7 day trial but it is disgusting and super expensive. Not worth it for me.
  • c2111
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    I drink aussie bodies perfect protein, have tried a few others but AB my fav.
  • bioklutz
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    The thing I look for in a protein powder is taste and cost and calories. I use protein powder if I am a little low on protein for the day. I just weigh out a portion that will get me to my protein goal for the day.

    Costco regular puts MusclePharm Combat protein powder on sale. That is the one I use. I have tried myprotein also - they regularly have sales and coupon codes so you can get a pretty good deal. I do prefer the taste of muscle pharm though.
  • olymp1a
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    I use Solgar Whey to Go. Love it! I don't really use it as as a pre or post workout shake but as a supplement for these days that I find it hard to hit my protein goal. :smile:
  • graceklaas03
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    How about soy protein isolate? I notice that not even one person mentioned soy protein isolate powder only whey.
  • Is it even better to add your own protein....like almond butter, Greek yogurts or cottage cheese?
  • lemurcat12
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    Almond butter doesn't have much protein. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese will have less for the same calories, but be more in the ballpark. Whether they are better or not depends on what you want -- I'm not really sure why they would be (although I enjoy both).