21 Day No Junk Food Challenge....

I was just wandering if anyone has ever completed or tried it?


  • victoria_1024
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    I don't think I could even go 21 hours lol.
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    I tried and learned that I lack the will power to continue it for more than two days & the folks around me were very happy when I gave it up, lol.
  • booksandchocolate12
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    What's junk food?
  • pdm3547
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    What's junk food?

    Exactly. It isn't junk if I stay within my macros for the day.
  • kommodevaran
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    Yeah, what's junk food (to you), and what happens on day 22?
  • lemurcat12
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    Never tried it, and if it's what's been posted here before the rules didn't make sense to me and I'm kind of over challenges that involve cutting out foods for a period of time. I have done similar things in the past (personal no added sugar challenge and a gym challenge), so it's not that hard, IMO, but I think focusing on changing habits and figuring out what works long-term is a better idea (for me, anyway) than a limited period challenge. I do see the benefit it you are trying to drastically change habits (I have mostly cut out animal products from time to time to get out of a rut of including them in every meal and to make me think about how to meet macros without them), but if you already eat a healthful diet with "junk" food (I'm assuming I know what you mean) in moderation, I don't see the benefit.

    The no added sugar thing was interesting to me because I was curious if I would feel differently and if it would be hard. For me, I didn't and it wasn't, although the fact I mostly cook at home and knew it was temporary was part of that.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Define junk food. What exactly is the point of this challenge? Can I eat 3,000 calories out non junk food a day then? I guess I don't get it.
  • fr33sia12
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    I was just wandering if anyone has ever completed or tried it?

    Yep, I haven't had what I call junk food in 4 months, so done it many times over.
  • kgeyser
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    IIRC this is the one:


    I don't really understand the peanut butter thing, but I think I could probably do it. I don't eat a lot of that stuff frequently enough to where it would really be a challenge.
  • cerise_noir
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    It sounds....sad.
    It's pointless. And what happens after day 21?
  • cerise_noir
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    Apparently white bread is junk food. Heh.
  • kommodevaran
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    Yes, doable, but sad, pointless and arbitrary.
  • singingflutelady
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    Apparently white bread is junk food. Heh.

    So is peanut butter, butter, etc
  • WinoGelato
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    Definitely not a fan of arbitrary, time bounce challenges, which don't seem to have a direct benefit... And definitely not a fan of labeling foods as "junk".

    OP what were you hoping to accomplish with this challenge? If weight loss, you can likely achieve that without cutting out any of these foods if you set an appropriate calorie goal, eat a primarily nutrient dense diet, and work in treats if they fit within your calorie goal. If one of these is a particular "trigger" food for you that you have difficulty moderating, I would focus on specifically that type of food and work on learning the best way to control your intake (whether long or short term abstinence or moderation of the food).

    Likely not going to get a lot of support for "Pinterest" initiated eating plans here.
  • Alluminati
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    I could do it if I wanted to but I don't want to. I can include servings into my calorie goal and still lose/maintain so there wouldn't be a point to it (for me).
  • AlabamaMama224
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    I like cookies. So I will eat them. And still lose weight.
  • SLLRunner
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    I was just wandering if anyone has ever completed or tried it?

    Define junk food, please. Everybody's perception is different.