The cheese appreciation thread



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    i'm pretty crazy about havarti (the plain kind)... i like eating it sliced by itself
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    Cheese. The one, single food I COULD NOT eliminate. Everything else is optional. Technically, you could deny me cheese and I would survive, but I don't think I could be truly happy. I would always miss it... :(

    I honestly can't remember a day without cheese in some form or another. I even take it with me on backpacking trips. A life without cheese is like a life without cheese. Not good.

    Agreed...too much of it breaks me out tho /: could be a sensitivity to dairy....and NONE of the other kinds (soy, etc.) even compare!
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    I HAVE to weigh in on this thread...I have been trying to stay as Paleo as I can since February. My GF is not. So we have cheese in the house. Luckily she has pretty wide-ranging taste, so we get some good stuff. I will not eat it as is, but I do shred it on chili and melt it on burgers; which leads me to the real reason for posting here:

    I give you

    Read 'em and weep!
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    I love cheese.. ALL the cheese.

    But, I really love it if is is sliced paper thin (if it can be sliced). Brie and Camembert wrapped with puff pastry and baked alongside wine...YUM!!!

    Fondue, too... LOVE fondue with a good crusty bread.
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    Thank goodness the bag is small.
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    Oh god I love cheese so much. There was an amazing cheese place near out last home and they did these $25 cheese platters. It's probably a good thing I don't live there any more. 20 year gouda, 10 year Hook cheddar, the good St Andre. Cashiel blue omg. They made their own pickles and seasoned their marcona almonds just right.
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    ^ sounds like u lived in heaven
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    If you love me, smoke me some cheese! Smoked cheese is ... oh ... I lack the words!!
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    Cheese is life. Since my blood sugars have been super high all day (even with aggressive corrections, eating low carb, and a ton of walking) half of my calories are coming from cheese and pepperoni.

    If my BG keeps being this witchy, I might do some leftover beef tips and gravy and douse it with Parmesan cheese. And for dessert... man I really wish I had some Gouda and a good German wine. <3
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    How on earth have I missed this thread?

    Cheese is good. Preferably French, soft, and gloriously unpasteurised.
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    All varieties of cheese please. Especially fresh cheese curds from Upstate NY...squeaky good!
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    This thread is very Gouda!
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    I loved the adult grilled cheese Panera had with cheddar fontina and some other cheese it was delicious!

    I get to cut cheese all day so I'm learning about cheeses I never heard of! It's fun to learn.
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    What is the best/ worst cheese ever? And do you prefer a soft or hard cheese?
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    I just came here to say that next time you're making a sandwich with melty cheese to give muenster a try.