The cheese appreciation thread



  • Catawampous
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    Yup - love me some cheese. Any kind. And it's the ONLY food that if I haven't tried a particular kind I won't hesitate to put it in my mouth. Do have to say I'm not a fan of swiss cheese though. Not sure why.
  • emx5
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    This is the best thread.
  • NaturalNancy
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    Wisconsin cheese curds are the best!
    They deep fry them at the WI state fair and dip them in ranch or marinara... Yum.

    Trader joes has a great white cheddar truffle cheese.

    Soft goat cheese stuffed inside of dried dates or dried figs.
  • lulalacroix
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    Cave aged gruyere...could eat it every day!
  • fishshark
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    i LOVE cheese. I made homemade burrata today.. about to put it on top of avocado toast yumm. Making homemade goat cheese tomorrow.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Oh my.
  • klove808
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    Oh for the love of cheeses. It's like chips - can't eat just one and great with chips.

    Simple medium cheddar is awesome. The fancy stuff is great too.

    Paneer! Easy-ish to make and fresh, good stuff.
  • Fuzzipeg
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    I discovered how good cheese was when I escaped mild cheddar. Then casein intolerance hit t1. I almost cried when I realised I could no longer have cheese toasties. Fortunately I had tried goat and had felt slightly better. So now I ignore anything cow, its anything t2, sheep or goat all the way. Cave aged goat is lovely.
  • snowflake954
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    My favorite for flavor is buffalo (that's water buffalo) milk mozzarella cheese. It's a specialty here in Italy, and when we're at the beach in the summer they make it near us----fantastic, but calorie rich. I use all types when cooking. Italy has many DOP (protected from their origin) cheeses and my husband buys alot. When cutting calories I eat a little swiss or feta. I also like regular Philidelphia on a Wasa cracker.
    OP-- I'm also originally from Minnesota.
  • jenilla1
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    Cheese. The one, single food I COULD NOT eliminate. Everything else is optional. Technically, you could deny me cheese and I would survive, but I don't think I could be truly happy. I would always miss it... :(

    I honestly can't remember a day without cheese in some form or another. I even take it with me on backpacking trips. A life without cheese is like a life without cheese. Not good.
  • EDollah
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    I have at least .5 oz of cheese each and every day. There's nothing I don't like, but I've grown an affection for products from the British isles.
  • fishshark
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    fishshark wrote: »
    i LOVE cheese. I made homemade burrata today.. about to put it on top of avocado toast yumm. Making homemade goat cheese tomorrow.

    I have always wanted to try making my own cheeses!

    it is such a science and does not always work out. Its also near impossible with pasteurized milk. (single pasteurization is usually ok) its so fun and delicious!
  • JennaR2013
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    Let's not pretend to act like we are too mature for Land O Lakes too guys!
  • sweetilemon
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    It's moments like these I wonder if this site hinders my weight loss more than helps lol. Would be the first time I've overeaten by another members reminder of yummy foods. Love cheese!!