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Intermittent Fasting might help with your Weight Loss too...

I have just started with My Fitness Pal logging food and calorie counting for 1200 calories a day.

I've also stopped smoking, lowered alcohol intake from my daily glass (or 4) of wine, to just 1 this week and I'm doing 10,000 steps a day for Steptember (sometimes :wink: )

It may sound like I am the motivated type (that has fallen off the band wagon), but I am far from that normally and more of a couch potato - in fact lying in bed working on my computer has been my comfort zone for a long time.

However, I discovered Intermittent Fasting online (see links below) and I have been doing the 16/8 - that's 16 hours no food and 8 hours of eating and it is working miracles! I am also incorporating the Primal eating type lifestyle to a point - more protein, less carbs, lots of veggies, no packaged chemical ridden crap, avoiding sugar apart from some fruit.

Our Primal ancestors probably didn't eat breakfast, let alone 6 meals a day, or take a snack everywhere with them and I've learnt that these type of diets just don't cut it for me. I simply become food obsessed and always hungry.

I have found IF actually does work for me. I am not hungry during the fasting time at all and tend to eat a lot less in the 8 hour window I've allocated myself. Now I do 2 meals rather than 3 and find I don't need anything in between, so taking in a lot less calories overall. I also have motivation to make all of the above lifestyle changes for the first time in many years and energy to get up and moving. And I'm sleeping better as well - insomnia and sleep apnoea has been an ongoing nightmare for me, but maybe the change in overall eating patterns has helped with this.

I am only just on the start of my journey, so I am not sure whether I will have the willpower to keep it up - my willpower with anything is usually non existent. However, I have set myself a goal of 30kgs (66 pounds) to lose by April and right now I am determined to make it happen - hence the blog post to keep me accountable!

I'm only about a week in now and I have already found that eating the IF way has set me free from a life long struggle where I have been eating emotionally - when bored, lonely, depressed, grieving, self-sabotaging relationships - heck even when everything was fine and I was happy I'd still eat. I was never really listening to my body’s own hunger or satiety signals and just eating because I could and because food was readily available. I was not stopping when full - to the point I would go back for second or even third helpings and then feel ill from overeating - but be hungry again in a few hours.

I'm ditching that cycle for good!

Now I only get an empty, growly tummy just before 1pm when my eating window is about to start, the first few days was more often - but I discovered that being hungry didn't mean I had to give in to it. And then the hunger pangs would disappear after a few minutes.

What a great feeling of control and empowerment I have today. And what an unusual feeling that is for me.

I recommend reading up on Intermittent Fasting and giving it a go if you want to lose weight or improve your overall wellbeing - it's proven to be great for a myriad of other health reasons too.

It's free; nobody is making money out of a diet gimmick, pills and protein shakes, or selling you a book - you can google everything you need to know; humans have been doing it for centuries...

Did I mention it costs nothing?

In fact it may save you money, especially if you end up eating less like me and drinking more water - rather than wine :wink:

And even if you don't reduce your calorie intake or increase your exercise output your body will still get a few hours of fat burning time, so even the most sedentary couch potato has a chance of success!

Thanks for reading and hope this blog helps others like me :smiley:

Some good articles that have helped me understand the benefits of IF:




  • Can you still drink water during the 16 hrs
  • ChristinaOne21
    ChristinaOne21 Posts: 49 Member
    PS Mike - you are 104.32Kgs and I am now 103.40kgs - you want to drop to the equivalent of 86kgs by April (which is good for a guy) and I would like to be in the low 70's - being tall and broad thats a good weight for me. So YES lets DO THIS!
  • ChristinaOne21
    ChristinaOne21 Posts: 49 Member
    Thanks for that info and yes I've read a fair bit on that too and it seems its definitely not for everyone. I think younger woman and those able to have children would want to be careful for sure, but if it ages me in that way 10 years too soon, I don't think that would be the worse thing. It feels very natural and easy, but I will be monitoring it. I am hoping it will help with my high cholesterol problems too.
  • girlinahat
    girlinahat Posts: 2,956 Member
    I'm not an IF person but one thing I agree with you on is how easy it actually is once you start to WAIT for a mealtime.

    I rarely snack, and if I'm hungry I know that me next mealtime (breakfast lunch or dinner) isn't that far away and I can hold out until then. I'm not strict with timings, just holding out until I can have a proper meal that satisfies me. Work variability can mean my breakfast shifts from 10.30am to 2pm. And that's fine, there is hunger but it won't kill to wait.

  • Whitezombiegirl
    Whitezombiegirl Posts: 1,044 Member
    Id love to try IF but my blood sugar is so unstable (hypoglycaemic). I eat at least once an hour- something small. There is no way I could ever cut out sweets either. I do eat more or less paleo- so no grains for me, which helps my IBS.

    My husband eats once a day and then its a large meal. I can't eat much in one go- I end up feeling far too full and sick.

    I do think there are health benefits to IF- but maybe its just not for me.
  • ChristinaOne21
    ChristinaOne21 Posts: 49 Member
    edited September 2016
    Thank you.

    I'm only just starting to get awareness of what works for me - lets hope I can also turn that into sustainable habits.

    I love getting other opinions and perspectives on everything - being a Libran I'm always searching for the balance and other 'side' to what I read, so it was a really interesting read and I agree about the foraging too. I still don't really get the fasting fat burning thing, but will keep researching.

    And anyway I guess as someone else said at least I am using IF for hunger signalling, calorie control and satiety if nothing else.

    Have you also struggled with obesity? If you have you will understand my excitement about finding something that will finally kick start me into a healthier place. I have to thank IF for that at least and also for bringing me here to MFP :smiley: