Shaky & Lightheaded After Cleaning House?

Hey everyone,

Tonight I was cleaning my house & packing since my family is moving soon. While I was cleaning I began sweating (normal I know), but about 30 minutes later I went to bend down & I felt lightheaded. I shook that off & continued until shaking began. Normally I am fine when it comes to physical labor. I can run 3 miles no issues, use elliptical for 45 minutes no issue, & even walk 7+ miles with no issues at all... but cleaning had me feeling terrible. I didn't use any cleaners, however I did have to clean up some poop ftom a mouse that had gotten into my house. Could that have caused lightheadedness? I made sure to wash my hands thoroughly after cleaning that mess up. Also, I know I do not have health issues that could cause this to happen & if I did I would've most likely found out from my blood test at my doctors office.

Thank you for any & all responses every word of advice & help is greatly appreciated!


  • canadianlbs
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    dehydration sometimes gets me this way . . . it can mess with your blood pressure way more than i ever knew.

    so that's the most practical thought. if you want scream-and-scurry fodder
    hantavirus can be picked up by contact with mouse droppings

    but honestly, idk how likely that is.
  • Machka9
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    My first thought is dehydration.
  • vespiquenn
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    I second low blood sugar/pressure. Light headedness, especially when coming up from a bent position, is often blood sugar. If it happens again, have a small glass of juice. I have this happen pretty regularly due to low blood pressure, but just getting quick sugar from juice immediately helps.

    Seeing that it has only happened this once, I wouldn't worry too much. But if it keeps repeating, a doctor visit is in order.

  • JustMissTracy
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    I get like this every now and then, for a variety of reasons:

    1. not enough sleep..anything under 6 hours
    2. not enough food..a quick banana or apple usually help
    3. combination of two above
    4. hot flashes....I'm in seem too young for that, but you never know....mine started in my 30's

    If it's only happened the one time, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it starts to happen often, PLEASE go see a doctor, just in case something else is going on.
  • fattothinmum
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    That happens to me sometimes if I bend down and tilt my head too fast. I've never passed out, but heard of others who have.
  • jbee27
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    This happens to me occasionally after particularly vigorous cleaning. I mostly chalk it up to all of the odd movements that are involved, particularly bending and raising/lowering/tilting of the head. I have issues with motion sickness, so I think that perhaps it's the same type of force at place when I feel a bit nauseated after cleaning.

    I recommend just taking break every so often when cleaning, and getting some food or juice and water.
  • GaryRuns
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    Are you an endurance athlete, like a marathoner or century cyclist? If so there's a phenomena in endurance athletes called orthostatic or postural hypotension (low blood pressure). Basically if you're seated for a long period of time and suddenly rise the blood rushes into your legs and since your heart rate is low due to conditioning there's a bit of a delay in getting your blood back up out of your legs, and so there's a brief period of dizziness while your heart catches up.
  • 11Templars
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    Hey @heyitslexi95, some great advice here already. @GaryRuns has pointed out a very common issue for many. One other think I would consider having looked at if it continues is Low Iron. Very common, especially for woman.
  • peaceout_aly
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    Seems like it could be either a blood sugar drop or dehydration. This happens to me at least once a week in the gym! Lucky women have issues like this especially around the time of the month when our Iron is wonky. Hope you find the source and feel better soon.
  • pasewaldd
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    Pre-menopause is what I was thinking also.

  • Epannyes
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    Hmm .. This is a really interesting case. Anything could happen to you. Perhaps the blood pressure has changed (sometimes this happens even in healthy people), or something is missing in your body. Did you only do a blood test? Do other tests too, maybe this will give you the answer. Also, it can be due to a lack of sleep, water or food, or vice versa from an excess of them. Bad weather can also affect this. By the way, do you have a boyfriend or a husband? Maybe you're pregnant? :) I don’t know what else to advise you, since I don’t clean myself, but I hire different apartment cleaning services in chicago. It's just that I'm always busy at work and therefore I just don't have time to clean. Yes, I understand that this is bad, but otherwise I cannot.
  • Mithridites
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    Low sugar, or heat stroke/heat exhaustion would be my first thoughts. Mouse poop can carry wicked germs (hantavirus, anyone?) but it takes time from exposure until symptoms develop (days to weeks).
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