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    If you eat under 2000 and burn 1000 during exercise.. that net's you 1000 calories.. which is not enough. 1500 or so is where you should be net after exercise at the bare minimum, and really quite a bit higher for someone who is your size.

    Obviously those aren't exact, but only netting 1000 calories is not a good long term sustainable goal.

    I'm just a shade under 6ft, am around 190, and I eat 1900-2000 calories a day w/exercise and could probably still eat a bit more. I started at almost 400lbs... and if you start yourself that aggressive you are going to end up being hungry alot and binge or just be really tired. It's going to take time, but you got this.. just don't try to do much at once.
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    People should not consume less than 1200 calories a day that is a minimum to have the body function properly.
    quote="abneyhakeem89;37972775"]@daniip_la My goal is too eventually eating under 2,000 calories daily and burn more then 1,000 calories a day .. How is that not healthy or sustainable? I'm only asking because I'm trying to be informed[/quote]

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    OP - firstly, congratualtions on making the changes you have and being proactive in changing your health for the better.

    I had a bit of a look at your diary and just a couple of suggestions that may be helpful. Try using entries that get the weight in grams, many of yours have chicken drumstick 1 and then the calorie count, it just isn't as accurate as it could be. Also ditch the cups etc and please use scales.

    If inflammation is a health issue for you, maybe as time goes along you could start to introduce more vegetables and fruit into your daily diet. This would help cut down your reliance on pop tarts, tater tots etc and broaden your taste buds and give you vital micro nutrients.

    Many people who are new to veggies find a great way to enjoy them is baked, with a slight drizzle of olive oil, dash of salt and garlic. Now is the time to have a look at google for easy and yummy ways with vegetables etc. If you aren't into that sort of food just yet, consider, a multi vitamin but perhaps consult with your Doctor first due to the medical issues you have mentioned.

    There seems to be a history here that other posters have mentioned, I haven't seen your posts before, but I wish you all the best. This is going to be for the long haul mate so read as much as you can on MFP and have a good look at those here who have had great success maintaining and often competely overhauling their lives.

    You really are doing a great job and I wish you success.
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    Thank you Mr Magic for the informative and inspirational post you made. @rebeccaculp87 Now that I understand how it works I get you 100% thanks for information.
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    @HippySkoppy thanks for knowledge and if I have fruit I def. eat it once a day.I also agree that I must replace the high sodium intake food with veggies or more fruit
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    1500 calories is the absolute minimum that any man should NET...which means that's how many are left AFTER you count your exercise.

    If you burn 1000 calories, you should be eating 2500 to reach your goal.

    To net 500 would be starvation level for anyone, let alone a man your size.

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    @daniip_la My goal is too eventually eating under 2,000 calories daily and burn more then 1,000 calories a day .. How is that not healthy or sustainable? I'm only asking because I'm trying to be informed

    I forgot to check back on this thread, but you already got some great answers from others. I was 368lbs when I started, I know the temptation to get the weight off fast. But do it the healthy way. Your body will thank you.
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    Others have already pretty much said everything there is to say :smiley:

    My two cents: a quick glance at your past 2-3 days does not raise the low calorie flags your statements up-thread did.

    In any case, at your current size you will easily lose a lot of weight and as fast as (or even faster than) you should while eating 2500-3000 Calories a day.

    As time goes on you may want to play with your food choices. Sustainable food choices vary for everyone, of course, and we each will have to find our own "go-to" items, as well as the items we can "easily" do without.

    I think you will discover that a lot of people have reduced their use of condiments such as miracle whip, mayo, ranch dressing and replaced them with things such as mustard, ketchup, fat free (greek) yogurt based dressings, or nothing at all (maybe a drizzle of lemon for example). This allows us to shift the calorie savings elsewhere! I would rather have an ice cream cone than some ranch dressing, for example :wink:

    You will also find that a lot of people try to choose lower calorie foods such as vegetables and items that have more fiber in order to "bulk up" their food intake so as to feel more full while keeping their calorie count lower.

    In terms of eating late at night... I most certainly consume most of my calories in the evening before bed. And I usually eat right up to the time I go to bed.

    While at the margin there have been a couple of studies that maybe point out to slightly better results when front loading calories, ANY results will ONLY be achieved by actually creating a caloric deficit. And if eating most of your calories at night promotes adherence to your plans and allows you to consistently create a caloric deficit... doing that long term is much more important than optimising at the margins!
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    Don't give up. It's a process that goes up and down. What matter most is your consistency. Better luck next week.