Going to the GYM when your 320 pounds :(



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    Get yourself the biggest noise canceling headset you can afford/find and screw dem haters. GO HAAAAAMMMMMN!!!!!!
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    As an overweight kid I was made fun of. It really messed my head up for a long time. Gave me anxiety and body issues. I could feel their eyes, I could "hear" what they thought when they looked at me. I would have to reassure myself I will never see these people again whenever I went out. The last few years I have started to understand that people can only hurt me or make me feel bad if I let them. It's my issue. Something clicked and now I don't give a frack. I know I'm working hard, I know I'm trying to better myself mentally and physically.
    Go to the gym do what you can do and frack everybody else.
    It's hard to make that change in your head. I understand and I think a lot of people here understand too. You may get looks, you may not, but focus on you, and that is all you can do. :smiley:
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    I like the first answer this question elicited. "We're all there for the same reason." Tis true! We all go to the gym because we are heavy and want to lose weight, or don't like the way we look and want to improve it, or don't feel we are as strong as we would like and we want to get stronger....So, who are any of us to judge?
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    Every time I see someone like you I smile and want to give you a high five. I will take the time to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you have simply because you took the first step and decided to take personal responsibility and make a change.

    Leave ego at the door. Be respectful. Ask a lot of questions. Listen more than you speak. Do this and you'll do great.
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    When I am at the gym and I see someone over 300 lbs, my thought is...hey, that's awesome you are here! I also suspect that working out must be much harder (even painful?) for someone of that size, and that makes you braver and more dedicated that I have ever had to be in a gym.

    The thing is, I am only 155 lbs or so, but I sometimes feel judged too. Some people sweat more than others; I am one of them. And I don't move very fast on the elliptical - it feels like but I can see in the mirror that I am slower than everyone else. I worry others judge me for sweating so much (like I can control it) and for being "lazy" on the elliptical. They don't know that I have back pain issues, so I just concentrate on what I can do and keep going.

    I try to concentrate on judging myself, not in a critical way, but by assessing whether my form is correct, on pushing myself for just a little more, on whether my effort really matches what I can do that day, if some twinge that I feel is just stiffness or an actual warning from my body. I am not answerable to anyone else (except my doctor) and neither are you.