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Saxenda does not work



  • courtneyfabulous
    courtneyfabulous Posts: 1,863 Member
    SueSueDio wrote: »
    dan_jones wrote: »
    I have been taking it for a few months and I have had only a little help from it. I did think it worked when I first started using it, but after a week or so, it didn't seem to have as good an effect. I am not using a high dose and that is probably part of it, but I really don't like the idea of having to inject myself with anything and the warnings that came with the drug can scare you. I have had much better success with phentermine and I still use it and find it works pretty well for me. Hope this helps. The cost factor is another consideration. I need a good silver trade in the futures market to help carry me thru the prescription aisle. $$ Expensive Stuff $$

    Yes! This helps! Thank you for being one of the few who gave me a straight answer!

    Ah, so what you were actually looking for was advice to try a different drug. You should have said so at the start!

    As far as not responding earlier, I have a JOB

    You also have an attitude. Congratulations on belittling some of the most helpful people I've ever had the pleasure to 'meet', during the course of this thread.

    emdeesea wrote: »
    So I probably missed it but did the OP ever say for sure whether she uses a food scale to weigh and measure food intake?

    Apparently it was insulting to ask - OP is a health professional with 20 years experience who knows it all. (Except why the weight isn't dropping off, obviously...)

    OP, stop being so full of yourself and use a damn food scale to see how much you're really eating. All you need is a calorie deficit, not a bunch of BS about sugar, carbs etc., and not drugs.

    Less calories IN than OUT is science - you know, that thing you seem to be fond of but don't want to actually hear in this context.

    Good luck.

  • lygillette
    lygillette Posts: 7 Member
    I too have been using Saxenda...zip nada no results.
  • Tacklewasher
    Tacklewasher Posts: 7,131 Member
    lygillette wrote: »
    I too have been using Saxenda...zip nada no results.

    Why did I know this would be a Necro thread before even opening it?

    At least it's only 1 year old, and not 3-4 like some of the others.