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  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 1,524 Member Member Posts: 1,524 Member
    The Good Liar with Helen Mirren
  • karlschaefferkarlschaeffer Member Posts: 1,210 Member Member Posts: 1,210 Member
    The King of Staten Island

    Way better than I originally thought.
  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 1,611 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,611 Member
    The Invisible Man (2020)
    This was finally made available to rent as a stream about 2-3 weeks ago. Worth the wait and a fun ending. In what I've seen thus far, Elisabeth Moss tends to play the same characters: victim revenge stories. I'm not mad at it.

    Us (2019)
    This is very layered. Not horror, imho, but definitely a thinking person's thriller. I'm going to need to rewatch a few times as there are several social messages in there. Umm, Lupita Nyong'o is just one great actor. I like her range and the role choices she's made (although I've not seen her entire filmography). Elisabeth Moss was in this one too. And, yes, it was also a victim revenge type story (on one level).

    Next up: Trying to find the time to watch the Ip Man franchise/universe...
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