How to Cope with Dad's HORRIBLE Diet



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    zyxst wrote: »
    IDK where you live, but I grew up where the diners always had customers that only drank coffee (for hours and hours, lol).

    My dad was one of those guys!
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    To those saying,just have coffee: the OP is saying her dad complains when she just has coffee.
    I agree: eat the food- or as much of it as you can tolerate. One meal won't sabotage your overall efforts
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I wish my dad was still around for me to join him once per week at a greasy dinner...I'd kill for that.

    When I'm 86 I pretty much plan to do what I want and I'd hope my kids would just play along 'cuz at that point baby, it's borrowed time.

    Love this. My dad passed away 15 years ago this week. He was very obese and I wish he had eaten better for all of us, but I would order an egg or a piece of toast and enjoy it with him if he was here.
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    The flip side to a 'cheat day' is a fasting day. There are plans like a 5-2 (5 days how you like, 2 non-consecutive days of 500 calories) or alternate day fasting. You can work the rest of your diet around one less-than-perfect meal a week.
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    Yes, let it go.
    Eat toast or fruit. Eat half of something. If the eggs suck don't eat them. Don't bring your own food.
    Drink coffee.
    Why are you going to the diner? To be with your dad or to get a perfect meal? You will be fine if you eat one meal a week there once a week and eat better stuff every other meal.
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    There are so many ways to accommodate for this weekly dinner issue. You can choose a small light side dish instead of a meal if you feel like you need to eat while there, or eat lighter that day/ rest of the week to still stay in your calorie goals, no exercise needed. A weekly cheat dinner is not to blame for a 25 lb weight gain unless you are going for the most calorific meal on the menu, and licking the plate clean.
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    Good grief. Eat a whole egg and some toast and enjoy the visit.
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    ZenZeta wrote: »

    So... should I just let the healthy thing go and suffer through the unhealthy diner food EVERY week? BLECK!!!!!

    Yes. This is time with your dad that one day you will remember fondly. Hopefully, you will not regret not spending time because of a once a week meal.

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    This. Just get something like plain toast to go with your coffee and then enjoy the time with your dad :)
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    If you really can't find anything smothered in butter or grease, then just order the fruit cup. It's $3, I think you can manage.
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    I disagree with the other replies; if you don't want to eat the food there, then don't eat it. Have your coffee and tolerate the comments/looks. Why should you eat something that you don't want to? I wouldn't, that's for sure, Dad or not. It's your body and you get to choose what you put in it.

    I agree. I've stopped the practice of eating food to make someone else happy. It's not just the extra calories, it's the way I feel when I eat to please someone else. I want to use my calories to please myself. Personally, I wouldn't eat anything I didn't want to eat. People around me are coming to accept that I'm just going to say no unless I want it.

    I understand your frustration at not getting the restaurant to prepare your food the way you want it, but trying again seems like the best bet.

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    I went through this with my own dad for several years. Once a week I would get to take him out for lunch...always his choice since it was his only outing. If food choices were limited for me (usually the case) I would either eat that as my main meal for the day or just get something small as was already suggested.

    Seriously...just go...let him have fun...and enjoy the time with him. My dad has progressed to the point that I can't take him out at all anymore which saddens me.
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    Ahhh I LOVE diners when I'm in a deficit. So easy to get what you want. I order two garden salads, a side of bacon, mix them together with hot sauce.