How to Cope with Dad's HORRIBLE Diet

So my dad is 86 years old, and I recently had to place him in an Assisted Living facility. Since bringing him to live with me 2 years ago, I have put on 25 pounds! Caregiving takes an enormous toll on a person mentally and physically, and the burden of making multiple meals and trying to squeeze in time for the gym was too much.

So I have started exercising again and working out, but I still have one HUGE dilemma. Dad has adopted a weekly habit of visiting a local greasy diner every Saturday morning. This was a place I would visit on a cheat day, but I'm not a fan of eating there every week. In addition, it's not easy to get healthy food there.

I've tried to order a veggie egg white omelet on wheat toast and after SEVERAL trips to the kitchen (why is this confusing), I still end up with a greasy, overcooked, buttery mess. The place does not serve oatmeal nor are they willing to boil me an egg so I can just eat the whites, and they charge me a ridiculous amount for the modifications or anything healthy ($3 for a small fruit cup? No thank you).

Dad is pretty stuck in his ways and makes it known how AWFUL I am if I just have coffee, so my only other option is to attempt to bring in my own food, but I think that's against the law, and I've already had eyes rolled at me when I brought in my green juice.

So... should I just let the healthy thing go and suffer through the unhealthy diner food EVERY week? BLECK!!!!!


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    Do they have grilled chicken and a salad or grilled chicken and eggs? Try a protein + veggie approach.
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    Do they have grilled chicken and a salad or grilled chicken and eggs? Try a protein + veggie approach.

    To be honest, so many places put so much butter in veggies (like 190 calories for a size of veggies at Texas Roadhouse), you're just better off getting something else for the calories, lol.
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    We had to place my mother in an assisted living facility, then in several nursing homes before we lost her years ago. All of them cost somewhere between 3500-4k a month, some of them more. I'll be damned if they *kitten* about me bringing food in for my mother. I don't know about against the law, but the *kitten* they served half the time was worse than bland baby food. Toward the end her diet had to be liquefied and I could no longer bring her in food, but at first, I really didn't care what they liked and what they didn't. I brought food for me and her and we ate together.
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    I had to stay in a facility with seniors for a few weeks and all of my meals were from them. It was SUCH a downgrade from the hospital I had just come from. I wouldn't care what anyone said, I'm not eating that food again unless I'm in one of those homes for good.

    You can talk to your dad with just a cup of coffee.