Best way to be woken up?

Angela937 Posts: 514 Member
Without shutting this thread down or putting me in MFP jail...


  • zorander6
    zorander6 Posts: 2,711 Member
    With folger's in your cup................oh wait we aren't doing songs are we?
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member
    Letting me sleep till I wake up and then giving me homemade chocolate chip pancakes and a giant glass of chocolate almond milk plus my own can of pure maple syrup

    And then

    Telling me there is a golden girls marathon on
  • brandi8484
    brandi8484 Posts: 96 Member
    HAHA, I wake up to this alarm:
  • NorthCascades
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  • cwolfman13
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    It's best not to wake me up...doesn't matter if it's for fun...I won't be pleased.
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    I can say its not that annoying horn from above...

    How about a knock on the door from those sweepstakes people telling me I have won 5,000 a week for life?
  • Cerealsensei
    Cerealsensei Posts: 1,625 Member
    via a text from my job saying we've closed because of inclement weather
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    Hummer or being rid'in.

    Then espresso and a good breakfast.

    More hummer and rid'in.
  • singingflutelady
    singingflutelady Posts: 8,736 Member
    By a phone call saying I won the lottery.
  • robs_ready
    robs_ready Posts: 1,488 Member
    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say it....
  • Just_J_Now
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    Is this a PG Rated thread? I don't think I can say on here.
  • ClubSilencio
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    The sound of heels clicking from the kitchen and you realize it's Sofia Vergara. You bagged her last night. :sunglasses:

  • cee134
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    I imagine the only answer is *kittens*
  • sw33tp3a1
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  • robs_ready
    robs_ready Posts: 1,488 Member
    I'll keep it PG, Margot robbie naked
  • ClubSilencio
    ClubSilencio Posts: 2,983 Member
    The Pillsbury doughboy standing on your belly and telling you in his cute little voice the cookies are ready and warm.
  • ClubSilencio
    ClubSilencio Posts: 2,983 Member
    Your sugar mama walking out the front door saying she left you a check for a pizza.