Best way to be woken up?



  • sw33tp3a1
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    Your sugar mama walking out the front door saying she left you a check for a pizza.

  • NewlifeinNW
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    Waking to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking and a bedroom eyes looking at you. Not that ever happens, but I can imagine.
  • RunHardBeStrong
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    csbnga wrote: »
    Waking to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking and a bedroom eyes looking at you. Not that ever happens, but I can imagine.

    I am imagining it right now. Mmmm yep, that would be pretty amazing. Too bad I have no idea when I will get to experience it. I would add french toast to the mix though.
  • Taryan23
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    Letting me sleep till I wake up on my own then fixing a nice romantic breakfast
  • megemrj
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    Just don't do it!! NEVER a good reaction. Okay...almost never.

    Letting me sleep-in gets more brownie points than anything else.
  • vespiquenn
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    edited February 2017
    via a text from my job saying we've closed because of inclement weather

    Amen to this. This happened to me a few weeks ago. Got real annoyed that my husband was texting me at 5:30am while he was at work, or so I thought. Turned out to an automated text for cancelled school due to an ice-day. It was awesome. Way better than anything else.

  • shadowloss
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    Breathing, and not having to claw on the lid trying to get out.
  • futureicon
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    The smell of bacon cooking..
  • ClubSilencio
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    Answering machine..... clinic says your STD test came back negative
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Sweet Love ;)!
  • Gimsteinn
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    I'm pretty much the "Wake me up when I'm asleep and I will hurt you" type
    Other than that I like to be woken up, after a good night's sleep, with a cuddle
  • subcounter
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    My new favorite is the chirping birds alarm I set up.
  • LiftingRiot
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    Fellatioooo while getting a foot and body massage by multiple women, tiger roaring in the background, woman playing the harp, sun rising, birds chirping, and well rested.
  • Just_J_Now
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    138shades wrote: »
    My little boy. He wants me to come sit in his room and read.

    Awe....sweet. <3