You days! What do you do? :)



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    One word: Pinball.
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    I shoplift electronics at Walmart. :|

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    I lay around the house and do nothing pretty much. I'm 48 and if I get a ME day then I'm not doing much. I don't do mani/pedi's and rarely get my hair done except maybe once per year. Yesterday I had the whole day alone until my husband got in from work so I walked on the treadmill an extra 20 minutes. That's something I can't do when the husband and kids are home.
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    My me days are spent listening to podcasts and cooking. Sometimes I lay around and watch Star Trek episodes too, or go for a bicycle ride if the weather permits. I'm a party animal. Lol
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    haha lots of good ideas here, I ended up going to the mall to buy a heater mine broke an my birds were cold :( now im going to be warm and have a me night anyway XD
    I hope you got a bird safe heater...
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    I like to loiter at the gym. I just take my time and try some new things, or hit the pool. Then I go get coffee or lunch and read a book. Finally, a long hot shower and British period dramas. Sounds like a pretty great afternoon to me. :)
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    I like to sew and crochet, cross stitch, all kinds of things. I can put on a movie and craft away hours.
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    JaydedMiss wrote: »
    You days! What do you do? :)

    What kinds of stuff do you guys do to reward/relax yourselves? Im curious of all the non food things people reach for now.


    Well ...


    There's this, I guess ...

    Here in Australia, there's a long weekend (last weekend) on about my birthday (last week).

    So we headed up north on Friday after work, and spent Saturday cycling 100 km with our Bike Fridays and discovered that mine, in particular, needs several adjustments to make it comfortable. That was one of my more uncomfortable 100 kms. Then we went to a theatre performance of Wicked which was really good. Well worth it!

    On Sunday, we did a 76 km ride on our touring bicycles that was hillier than expected, then went out to dinner to one of my favourite restaurants to replenish our energy. Then we dashed off to the Speedway where we were treated to a great deal of excitement. Especially within the first few minutes of being there, as a car hurtled in our direction!

    And today we capped it off with an egg breakfast that just hit the spot, a 41.7 km ride, and a little bit later, delicious pancakes with berries and ice cream and cream.
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    Mmmmm I'm weird. I study Japanese during my 'me-time'.

    Or rather... right now I'm preparing my study materials so that I can then study...

    I'm currently working on adding all the vocabulary for the study book I'll be starting about mid-April in an Excel sheet, including English translation, stroke orders for Kanjis, conjugation for verbs and adjectives and usage particularities (such as 'used only with negative' or 'colloquial use, careful!')... Once I'm done with that, I'll print it all onto labels (two per item of vocabulary. Front: just the Japanese term and maybe an picture to illustrate the term; back: everything else) to make myself flashcards (index cards and the labels pasted on either side). That way I can slip a dozen or so into my handbag and use them to study when I have random minutes here and there such as waiting at a check-out and take notes on them as needed. It should take me about 1 month to master the 1000 or so words (well reading, not sure on writing, it's a *kitten* and I can't seem to remember all the strokes when I actually have to create them). That way, when I start the book, I'll only have to worry about the grammatical particularities and not the nitty gritty basics of what the words actually mean.

    I know that there's digital versions already available (including some neat apps for the phone), but what can I say, I'm an old fashioned girl, I like putting in the work myself. :smile:
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    Play Final Fantasy 15... But "me" days are far and few between these days with a baby.
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    Usually a me day involves shopping. I did it a few weeks ago and bought new things for my bathroom. Sometimes I also go to the movies or put to eat.
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    Read, ride and play video games.
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    Having two young boys at home, it's pretty rare to really have "me" days. I'm lucky if I get a "me" couple of hours...usually that's my riding time.
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    Hahahaha *laughing hysterically*

    "You days".

    Haven't had one of those in over eleven years!!

    More like "You 15 minutes." I lock myself in the bathroom and pretend I can't hear anyone. That counts, right?

    edit: I'm exaggerating. I go for walks, go to the gym, etc. for me time. It's not a whole day, but I get it regularly. (what she said)
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    Binge watching tv shows. Lately, Grimm.
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    I work two job -- not a lot of time for "me". If I have a day for me, I usually spend it reading (huge book nerd :smile:), going to a yoga class, or taking the puppy to the park.
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    ninyagwa wrote: »
    I read and take a nap, or read until I need a nap.

    This is my idea of a perfect day!