You days! What do you do? :)

Today i plan to dye my hair give myself a nice face mask and paint my nails. Iv had a long week i need to relax and wind down and treat myself.

What kinds of stuff do you guys do to reward/relax yourselves? Im curious of all the non food things people reach for now.


  • CaladriaNapea
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    Definitely a long, long bath (initially with burning hot water), lots of bubbles, some type of scent, and a sincerely good book. Another nice treat for me is convincing my husband to go on a long relaxing walk with me.
  • ninyagwa
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    I read and take a nap, or read until I need a nap.
  • Petrolhead75
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    I walk the dog, its good thinking time, allows you to wind down an burns a few calories too
  • L1zardQueen
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    Noel_57 wrote: »
    I shoplift electronics at Walmart. :|

    You're a keeper!
  • bikerjoe83
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    My daughter is at her mothers at weekends so I get two you-days. I spend my you-days going bored out of my mind. So today I went for a long walk (extreme for me!), ended up walking about 5km, got home, was feeling energetic so did half of my workout, rested, thought what the hell and finished it. So today I'm way under my calorie target. Tomorrow, I'll be bored out of my mind, I might go for a walk...
  • rsclause
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    In a perfect world go skiing. In reality pretty much the same thing as any other day, there is alway so much waiting to be done.
  • Hahahaha *laughing hysterically*

    "You days".

    Haven't had one of those in over eleven years!!

  • kimberleyabels
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    Oh lord... I didn't do much today! Haha. Today I woke up around 12am and then I went down stairs searching for food (there was nothing) so I ate some cookies (very healthy... not) and after watching tv and eating my cookies I went to bed thinking what to do today. So I went to the shower, putted Beyoncé on and I litterally danced in the shower (we have a rain shower with spotlights) it took 1 hour when I was done. Later a friend remembered me that we have a lot of homework to do for next week.. UGH! So I went to her house getting ready for my French speech on Monday. and oh myyy... I can't wait when I'm done with that speech!!! So around 7.30pm I was back home and my brother made dinner for us (pesto spaghetti) and now I'm getting ready for my dance contest tomorrow. I am soooo excited for tomorrow :D

  • RAinWA
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    On the rare day I actually get to be home by myself, I like to turn the music up loud and do lots of housework. Nobody to get in my way and I feel like I've accomplished stuff.

    I'm still trying to think of when I last had one of those days.
  • lightenup2016
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    I can't think of the last time...well how about "you-half-hours"? :wink:

    Right now--curled up under my electric blanket after a long run, reading MFP forums!

    Also, walks/hikes outside, and watching movies with the fam or movies/old sitcoms with hubby (usually does involve a beer or glass of wine!).
  • mrspett323
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    Lay in the bed and watch all my shows I have missed on my DVR
  • PennWalker
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    I walk the dog, its good thinking time, allows you to wind down an burns a few calories too

    Same here! I take long nature walks for exercise and peace of mind.
  • macgurlnet
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    If we mean in general...I plan longer weekends. Having 3 days to unwind after the work week can be super nice! I usually plan them in advance, but this month started off rough so I took Thursday/Friday off this week and went to visit my boyfriend while he was out of town for work. I got to spend 2 days shopping/browsing and hanging out with him in the evening.

    I also get at least one massage each month - I've discovered how nice those are!

  • zyxst
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  • JaydedMiss
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    haha lots of good ideas here, I ended up going to the mall to buy a heater mine broke an my birds were cold :( now im going to be warm and have a me night anyway XD
  • tinkerbellang83
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    My Me Day involved walking up a waterfall, having lunch at the top and taking in the view.

  • JaydedMiss
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    My Me Day involved walking up a waterfall, having lunch at the top and taking in the view.


    My friend went camping without me this weekend, He didnt know id wanna go but id of LOVED to go spend my weekend hiking, Especially after my long week xD Nature and relaxing is the best me day ever.
  • jemhh
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    Today I had three hours to myself and I used it to perfect a spreadsheet I was putting together for my workouts.