Do you eat what you want?

If it fits into your calories like cookies, chips, ect:? I don't mean every day obviously.


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    Yes. Do you?
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    Yes. I do try to ensure I meet my macro/micro nutrient goals, but I don't abstain from any food I want to eat unless it's going to put me over on calories for the day.

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    Yes. Today I logged over 1000 calories exercise and used that as an excuse to have 4 oz of vanilla ice cream and 1 oz of Beanito tortilla chips. I've still got 996 calories remaining. We don't have any cookies in the house at the moment, but if we did it would be an option.
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    Yes, and I do it pretty much daily.
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    Yea daily.
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    Do you eat what you want?

    If it fits into your calories like cookies, chips, ect:? I don't mean every day obviously.

    Yep ... every single day. :)

    As it happens, I cut way back on the amount of potato chips and snacks like that a couple years ago because I didn't feel particularly good when I ate them, and they weren't really worth it. Now, on the occasions when I have chips, I usually find them too salty and greasy. They're OK in the middle of a long bicycle ride (calories, salt, potassium) but just recently I tried to eat some the day and ... blech.
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    Lol I know this thread is probably a dig at those who decide to cut certain things out of their diet, and by "eat what you want" you probably mean junk food, ice-cream, pizza etc (judging by the responses above) - but yes, I absolutely eat what I want. And what I want is meat, green vegetables, avocado, eggs, cream, cheese, bacon, olive oil, pate, oysters and seafood and other such terrific healthy food.
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    I don't consider any foods off limits and will eat them if I want them, can fit them into my calories and not eat them at the expense of protein.

    That being said, there are a lot of things that I no longer eat because they don't ever seem to be worth it calorically
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    I pretty much eat what i want, just not however much of it i want.

    Exactly this. I'm down about 45lbs and I've eaten a small chunk of chocolate pretty much every day while losing weight.
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    Mostly. Sometimes I look up the calories of the thing I want and realize that even if I have room for it, I don't feel like using up that many. So I change the serving size I was planning to take, or I decide against it. But I don't have foods that are off-limits. I have foods that I'll eat when I feel like it, foods I'll eat once or twice a week, foods for special occasions, and foods I won't have in the house because they're hard for me to resist, but I still might have a serving if I go out to eat.
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    I find there is a very thin line between eating what you want and what is good. In a weird sense the term 'diet' is ingrained psychologically so you automatically think ok eggs/oats/ brown toast for breakfast, salads, small sandwiches for lunch, a dinner with protein, little carbs and veg. Because of this mindset in most people we realise that in fact meals like that are so low on calories it is allowing for the things you want like chocolate ice cream, a cookie, a muffin in the mornings etc.
    That's the way I think of it anyway.
    A typical day for me is
    Prawn salad with loads of seafood sauce
    Beef, sweet potato, broccoli and carrots.
    I know I'm a snacker, especially late afternoon so if my main meals are low cal I can have a couple of biscuits watching TV, I can have a packet of crisps at lunchtime etc.
    I've found you can have everything in moderation and some things do indeed surprise you.
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    Yeah, as long as it fits in my calories and nutrition values (fat, sugar etc) then its fine! I don't eat back my calories burnt from exercise though. Its like yesterday, I had a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch but then for tea I had burgers and some chocolate afterwards and it all still fitted in my calories and nutrition values.
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    Yep! I just had some chocolate today. However, I do buy smaller portions of some foods like chips and cookies, not because I struggle with portion control, but I live alone for the most part, and I don't ever want it often enough to eat it before it gets stale.
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    Yes, I eat what I want, in the amounts I want. What I want is a wide variety food I like in amounts that makes my weight and mood healthy and stable. For me, this implies that I don't eat cookies and chips very often. My mainstay is things like bread and porridge, milk and yogurt, vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, rice, pasta and potatoes, nuts and seeds.