Need to loose over 100+ pounds could use some friends❤❤

So I just turned 31 and I need to lose this weight off and on for years I've lost weight and gained it back but this time I'm really want to make this change for good I'm also trying to do all organic which is a little hard but I'm trying so anyone that's trying the same it would be awesome to connect


  • Iverson222
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    Hi All! I've got about that same amount to lose as well. Sending requests! Also feel free to add me!
  • gailsheehan7
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    i have a lot to lose as well you can add me if you would like :)
  • trini_gyal95
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    Hello! I would love to join your group for mutual motivation!I've been trying very hard to commit to a diet plan and finally decided to go vegan. I'll motivate you if you help motivate meee! :D
  • johnw83
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    I will be your friend and happy to help u please add me as a freind
  • xpinkablelove
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    Anyone can feel free to add me! I have a lot to lose as well.
  • Olivetop
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    I'm also looking to lose a lot and doing it with a community really seems to help. 25lbs down and about 100lbs more to go. Please feel free to add me for support!
  • LoveEL2
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    I also have about 70 to lose. I'll add you. You guys can add me too. I can certainly use some friends. Thx:)
  • lizbliz00
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    Friend welcome..add me :)
  • becky8159
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    Hi! I've been dipping my toes in MFP for a couple weeks, but could for sure use some more friends to help me stay motivated! I'm 27 and needing to lose at least 125 lbs. Feel free to add me!
  • Countess_Ha
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    Hello, I'd be happy to be friends with any of you beautiful people. (: starting a healthy and fit lifestyle can be difficult, but if you've got friends it makes it a lot easier.
  • mimigotay
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    You motivated me.
    Thank you
  • Sanjuuni32
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    I'm new to the app and so far it's been pretty great. I'm looking to lose 100+ pounds. When I started I was 402, I would really like to get under 300 with my main goal being 260. I'm a very tall individual(6'11 or 210cm). And I really miss skinny me. Thanks for listening. Oh and I started March 3rd and I'm down to 386.
  • Cherry_love87
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    I've just signed up! Feel free to add me!! Need support-!
  • fahlinstar
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    Hi! I just signed up for premium hoping it will make me stick to my goals and do this for real this time. I have 200lbs to lose and would love to be your friend! Let's do this!
  • Selina_Kyle_60
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    Your story is so similar to mine. Would love to support you. Feel free to add me.

    Anyone feel free to add me. Im in a slump could use some support to get that extra boost of motivation
  • gingerdoesfitness
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    Hi I'm 36 with around 75 pounds left to lose. Feel free to add me
  • JenniferAHaines
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    Hi! I'm 31 and need to lose 150lbs - would love some accountability partners. I've gotten stuck in this horrible cycle of losing a little weight and gaining more and need to break out of it!
  • domeofstars
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    I just want to say, for anyone who is doubting can do it. I too have had issues with gaining and re-gaining lost weight. My highest weight was 104 kilos (229), I am about 71.4 kilos (157 pounds) now but wanting to lose more. I didn't use mfp but I counted calories, exercised for an hour a day (walking or using my exercise bike), I weighed food to ensure I wasn't overestimating calories. I focused on how much better eating healthily made me feel, how much more energy I had. I also thought about certain relatives who had diet-related illnesses and how they suffered...and how I didn't want that for me.

    Also, there were emotional reasons why I became the weight I did (fear and a need for protection). So many people in this society judge others for becoming physically large, but they have NO IDEA what personal struggles and emotional issues that poor person may have suffered in the past and may still be struggling to overcome. I would love to motivate you if you are needing it and am very happy to give advice or help for anyone who needs it.

    Good luck, you can do it! Believe it and you can achieve it!