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Advice for bizarre body shape



  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,903 Member
    It's perfectly normal.

    You might not think it looks normal because you've seen a lot of things like bone structure photoshopped out of models in magazine ads.

    *sigh* This is the world we live in...
  • musacaptain
    musacaptain Posts: 6 Member
    Perfectly normal. Didn't find it bizarre
  • JaydedMiss
    JaydedMiss Posts: 4,288 Member
    edited April 2017
    Seems normal to me, Im right at the tip top of healthy range



    Can also see my rib bones i love it its all normal and gravity XD


  • ABballet4227
    ABballet4227 Posts: 17 Member
    I can get that there are those times when you stretch and realize how creepy ribs are , but I assure you that having prominent ribs is completely normal as long as it's not accompanied with a super prominent spine. My ribs stick out at gawky angles that make yoga look weird but this also happens to many woman.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
    PaulaWallaDingDong Posts: 4,632 Member
    You are a human with bones! Congratulations!

    Right? Perer Griffin wished to have no bones once. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but did not end well, as I recall.
  • ashleighs148
    ashleighs148 Posts: 335 Member
    Mine are the same when I lay down and I'm still a bit overweight with a BMI of 25.5. It's perfectly normal.
  • dammitjanet0161
    dammitjanet0161 Posts: 319 Member
    Some people have larger ribcages than others. Mine is large too so I can lose some weight and have ribs showing but still have a lower belly pooch. Not weird, just different body types.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,321 Member
    I'm obese, like 50 lbs over the high end of healthy BMI, and my ribs stick out and flare out weirdly when lying down. It's normal and you're fixating.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,346 Member
    Looks normal to me...
  • cbstewart88
    cbstewart88 Posts: 453 Member
    My rib cage is HUGE!!! Most of the women in my family have the same thing. I actually asked the doctor about it and he smirked and said I could "remove a couple of ribs". LOLOL. Anyway - I live with it.... :/
  • crooked_left_hook
    crooked_left_hook Posts: 364 Member
    @emmaling142 If you want to talk about weird ribcages try having scoliosis. My hips are lopsided and my left ribs stick out weird...all the time, not just when I lay down. Get over it at move on with your life! Don't waste time worrying about things you can't control.3wequ2vd6x97.jpg
  • cnbbnc
    cnbbnc Posts: 1,265 Member
    Have you just recently lost weight? The only reason I ask is because I had been overweight for a very long time and when I finally hit a normal weight range I was surprised by the look and feel of my body...speaking of bones and all....

    I'm in a normal bmi range now but when lying down have the rib cage thing going on, and the most obnoxious bikini bridge (I think that's what the jutting hip bones are called). I was fixated on all that for a long time because it was so alien to me. Now I see that it's just my bone structure at a normal weight.

    Everyone has what you're showing though. For what it's worth you look just fine.