Healthy Ice Cream Substitutes



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    I just eat Edy's Slow Churn. Lower fat so fewer calories. Portion control is going to be a forever thing during maintenance anyway, so I may as well start now.

    Seconding the Edy's Slow Churn recommendation, as well as the Skinny Cow recommendation. Honestly, I just usually try to find a way to fit Talenti in, it's about 220 cals/serving. I haven't tried Halo Top yet, even with all the rave reviews on here - once the Talenti I bought on sale is gone I probably will pick some Halo Top up.

    No one will ever convince me that frozen pureed bananas is exactly the same as ice cream. Additionally, some of those "nice"cream recipes have as many, if not more calories, than the real deal. I also tried making the cookie dough frozen greek yogurt recipe that I saw on pinterest for a while - it was tasty but with yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate chips - it ended up being over 300 cals. Might as well just eat Ben and Jerry's for that!

    OMG Talenti Southern Butter Pecan is my absolute fave!!! Unfortunately, I am REALLY bad about moderating it. So, it has become one of those "special" treats I only get once in a while.
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    I go the other direction. When I have ice cream, which is rare, its because we're out at an ice cream place. Then I just get a small amount of what I want, full fat and sugar, but I limit it to going out.
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    Ice cream is my weakness. I will just splurge and buy some Halo Top from time to time.
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    I usually make nicecream, which is a frozen banana blended in my food processor. I add whatever flavor I want to, such as peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, etc.
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    I made two measured cups of ice cream fit in my food log yesterday, and it was glorious. ;)
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    I save calories for a treat almost every night. I like to buy the novelty treats so that portion control is automatic. One of my favorites is blue bunny ice cream sandwiches. 160 cals each, and only 10% of my calories for the day.
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    Halo Top and Enlightened
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    I like the blitzed frozen banana option, but mostly because I need the bananas to prevent cramps at training. It doesn't replace true ice cream which I have on regular occasions (fitting into my calorie budget). In summer I make lots of fruit sorbet in my ice cream machine as another option. I just blitz some fruit and stick it in the ice cream machine. Mango is amazing that way.
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    halo top? but it causes digestive issues for me (as do a lot of processed foods) so i tend to make my own ice cream using frozen banana, cacao, protein powder, almond milk or other frozen fruit mixes.
    my favorite is banana ice cream with pb2.
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    I'll just throw in oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches... delish and 160 cals can fit in anyone day... :laugh:
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    Halo Top
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    My mom showed me this one. Freezing cool whip. Actually really good, light, low cals, low carb and good on frozen fruit with a little cinnamon.
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    Halo Top Salted Caramel and Strawberry are my favs
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    I love Halo top icecream!

    I made the banana "ice cream" once and it blew up my blender, so haven't had it since.. I also added pb2, and it did taste delicious. Howeeeever... the calories were pretty much on par with regular ice cream, but with less fat and protein. So if you make it because you like the taste, then yeah go for it! But i personally prefer more fat and protein in my dessert concoctions.
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    Huge Ben and Jerry's fan, so Halo Top was disappointing, to say the least. I'd rather adjust my macros to accommodate a serving of good ole Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

    Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are great too!
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    So Delicious coconut milk ice cream sandwiches are good and only 90 calories, but that assumes you stick to one!
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    A lot of people here like Halo Top. I've found that I like Talenti Gelato or Enlightened. The banana nice cream is good, too, though a word of caution about that...the calorie amounts are pretty similar to ice cream, so be mindful of portion sizes with that. Even though some alternatives are labeled with the arbitrary "healthier" label, that does not mean they are low calorie.
    Nothing wrong with good ol' ice cream, though.
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    I like to make protein fluff with Quest protein powder and then put it in the freezer until really cold.
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    When I have a little extra cash I'll get some Skinny Cow or Halo Top. When I don't, Edys Slow Churned is really yummy and affordable and around 120 cals per serving so I can really load up for 200 cals.

    I also keep premium ice cream or gelato in the freezer for days I have room, because there really is no substitute :)