1 year, 70 pounds (first swimsuit pics I’ve posted!)

sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
Hi guys (:
I’m Sierra, and MFP has changed my life..

Now, I wouldn’t call this a success story quite yet, because I am still 10 pounds away from my goal weight, but I am so close I can taste it! So here is my story.

I am currently 19 years old, and 6'1" tall (:

I started my weight loss journey January 2012 as a senior in high school. I weighed 250 pounds. I was working in retail and got tired of being the only "plus size" girl working there. I started working out 4 days a week, and lost about 25 pounds by March. I didn’t have the support of my friends or family, honestly, they were discouraging me more than anything. With graduation and all the other stress that comes with being a senior, I stopped working out and gained all of it back, plus some.

July 2012, at 260 pounds (the heaviest I have ever been), I lost my best friend in a car accident and got very depressed. I couldn't eat much of anything for over a month, and my weight dropped dramatically. I lost 20 pounds, taking me down to 240.

Once I started school in August 2012, I got a membership at the local YMCA and kept myself busy by going to work out every day. I also found MFP and started growing my friends list and logging every day. I have been working out regularly, trying for 6 days a week ever since. I am down to 190 and cant wait to reach my goal of 180! (:

Without MFP and the wonderful friends I have to help keep me motivated, I wouldn’t have dropped from a size 20 to a size 11-12, the size that I was when I was 13 years old. I wouldn’t be as happy and proud of myself as I am right now.
Thank you, My Fitness Pal. You changed my life!

I have gone from:
Body Fat: 39.4% - 24%
a size 20 to 11-12 (bottoms)
a size 2X to Medium (tops)

a total of 70 pounds
a total of 25.5 inches

This picture is one of my favorite comparison pictures so far. On the left is me in July of 2012, at 260 pounds. On the right is me just this afternoon, in the same swimsuit, at a proud 190 pounds. I never had the guts to post a picture of me in a swimsuit, even on here. Now I feel proud of myself for transforming my body the way that I have. So here you go. (:

We can all do this! Don’t give up, stay strong! Because it may be hard now, but it will definitely be worth it!

“Every day I am one step closer to making it happen.”


(edited for picture re-size & again to add height into bio)
(: (:


  • aliciadub
    aliciadub Posts: 73 Member
    Congratulations, Sierra!!!! That's fantastic. You are beautiful! And I would definitely say that you are a success story. May all your dreams come true...
  • BillyBeastMode
    BillyBeastMode Posts: 27 Member
    You've done and are doing amazing! So glad to be a part of your journey :) Keep rockin'!!!!
  • PrettyPearl88
    PrettyPearl88 Posts: 368 Member
    SIERRA!!! Oh my goodness you look SO FABULOUS!!! You totally rock that bikini! Congrats on your hard work and success, you deserve every bit of it! You've been working hard and are now reaping the best benefit of all: loving your own body!!!

    :bigsmile: :flowerforyou:
  • persilcolours
    persilcolours Posts: 92 Member
    You look amazing!!! Incredible effort!
  • JustLindaLou
    JustLindaLou Posts: 376 Member
    Wonderful!!! You look gorgeous and healthy and rock that yellow bikini!!
  • TimeWillTell2
    TimeWillTell2 Posts: 126 Member
    You look great! How tall are you? What types of foods are you eating? Great job.
  • sierra_12
    sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
    thank you everyone! *kisses*
    and @ladygw I am almost 6'1'' tall, and my diary is open (:
  • honeysprinkles
    honeysprinkles Posts: 1,757 Member
    So sorry about your loss :(

    But congratulations on your weight loss and your total transformation! What a change in just a year!
  • sierra_12
    sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
    thanks love (:
  • drmcglone
    drmcglone Posts: 80 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • Dan4495
    Dan4495 Posts: 130 Member
    Sierra, Congrats on your great progress. You look great, but then I also think you looked great in your before pic too. You are a great inspiration to others onMFP, so thanks for sharing your story.
  • catfive1
    catfive1 Posts: 529 Member
    Congratulations Sierra. You should be very proud of yourself. :flowerforyou:
  • seliinac
    seliinac Posts: 336 Member
    Good job! You look great in both pictures but I'm glad you got healthy and are happier with yourself.
  • DestroyTheOpposition
    DestroyTheOpposition Posts: 444 Member
    You look fantastic! congratulations!
  • AfricaLatina
    AfricaLatina Posts: 111 Member
    You look gorgeous in your itsy bitsy yellow bikini! so inspiring as I need to lose that much too... congratulations :0)
  • srm1960
    srm1960 Posts: 281 Member
    :love: :love:

    Wow, you look so great!! What dedication & determination. You rock!! Thanks for sharing to everyone here that needs some inspiration. Good luck on your next goal!!????????????????????
  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,321 Member
  • theslimapple
    theslimapple Posts: 38 Member
    Great results! I too know what it's like to lose weight and gain it all back. Life has a tendency to get in the way sometimes. But you showed perseverance and reached (almost!) your goal! Congrats and keep at it!
  • kill3rtofu
    kill3rtofu Posts: 169 Member
    great job!
  • HahnTBeth
    HahnTBeth Posts: 29 Member
    You look fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your story, seeing the results from your hard work is very motivating!
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