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Brad Schoenfeld - Facts and Fallacies of Fat Loss

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Dr. Brad Schoenfeld presented this lecture at the 2016 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference. This presentation addresses many topics which are frequently discussed here on MFP, often with a lot of myths and misinformation propagated in the discussions. I recently came across it one of the fitness-related groups in my Facebook feed and thought it was worth sharing for anybody who's interested in a solid, scientific, evidence-based approach to numerous topics related to weight/fat loss:

For those with short attention spans who don't want to spend the 50 minutes to watch the entire lecture (although you should, it's well worth the time), here's a timetable of where various topics are addressed:

01:03 - Ketogenic Diets
19:38 - CICO (Calories In, Calories Out)
20:12 - Nutrigenomics
23:56 - Meal Frequency
29:05 - Practical Implications for Meal Frequency
30:47 - Fasted Cardio
38:35 - Bottom Line re: Fasted Cardio
40:00 - 3500 calories = 1 lb. of weight loss, true or false?
40:39 - Adaptive Thermogenesis
44:11 - Leptin
45:04 - "The Oprah Effect"
46:21 - Summary re: Adaptive Thermogenesis and 3500 cal = 1 lb. fat loss
47:19 - Practical Applications for Mitigating Adaptive Thermogenesis


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