My story so far, 80 pounds down in a little less than a year

My name is Tricia, and I'm 30 years old. Here's my story so far, thank you for reading it.

I've always been a bigger girl. My parents were bigger people. Most of my family is overweight, actually that's probably a generous word for it. I never knew any different. My parents were always dieting, weight watchers or Atkins or whatever. Even I went on the slim fast diet when I was only 12 years old. My weight kept increasing as I grew older. I was always the chubby girl in high school. Always the overweight girl in college. I never thought much of it because that was just how I was. Then I found out I was pregnant, and let me tell you that did not do any favors to my body at all! I never paid much attention to it. I ate like crap but didn't really care. I don't know any differently.

In June 2016 I went to the doctor for a routine check up. The number on the scale shock to me. It was 237 pounds. Holy crap, that's a pretty big number. I knew I was above 200 pounds, but for some reason that number just hit me. It's not healthy. My son need me to be healthy. I need myself to be healthy. So I decided I would change.

Before, when I went on one of my many diet binges, I found out about my fitness pal. I decided to try it again. So that day, I made an account. And I never looked back.

I started to log everything I was eating. And the thing is, I wasn't really eating that much. The things I were eating though, they were all wrong. There was hardly any nutritional value. And I was definitely eating way too much junk food, way too many chips and cookies. But still, I wasn't really eating terribly, just mindlessly eating. Slowly I started to make changes. I started cooking more. Are used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I made sure vegetables were in almost every meal I ate. I stopped drinking anything other than water.

I also became more active. I never really was a person who did exercise or sports. Most of that was due to the fact that my parents were so afraid to have me in sports or gym class. I am visually impaired, and they were afraid that if I hit my head a certain way that I could lose the little vision I had left. I decided that my health is more important then a small chance I could lose my vision. So I started walking. I walked a lot. Then I slowly started introducing different exercises. I did Leslie Samsone's walk at home, which was great in the beginning. Then I did, and continue to do, a lot of Jessica Smith YouTube videos. I never got a gym membership. All my workouts are done at home. I started doing strength training videos. I eventually got into yoga which I absolutely love! I also did a 5K in March, which I never ever thought would be possible. The one thing I did buy was my Fitbit, which has been amazing. It has been so motivating for me. I now get around 20,000 steps a day.

I have learned a lot along the way. I've learned that the number on the scale is only one way to measure health. I've learned not to look at things as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. I've learned that all food is OK in moderation. And I want to help others. If I can lose 80 pounds in a little less than a year, with no gym membership or personal trainer or anything like that, but anyone can do it. I mostly blind, so I understand how it is to adapt things to fit your needs. I want to help others reach their goals. I'm not licensed or anything, but if anyone wants encouragement and support, please feel free to add me. I would love to help those who are just starting out or in the middle of their journey. My journey is not finished. I'm at 157 pounds as I write this. I would like to get to about 130 and see what happens from there. So please feel free to add me as a friend and/or send me a message. You can do this! We can do this together.
By the way, sorry for any typos. I use a screen reader to do all my typing and it can be hard to catch misspelled words and small typos.


  • HealthierRayne
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    That is such an inspiring story - 20,000 steps a day and 80 pounds lighter - you truly changed your life! :smiley:
  • kellansmommy11
    kellansmommy11 Posts: 61 Member
    Yeah, I really have. I'm not the same person I was.
  • pennygm72
    pennygm72 Posts: 179 Member
    Congratulations, that is an amazing result!
  • mrspattycake
    mrspattycake Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Tricia, Your story was soooo encouraging! I'm more than twice your age, 63 and I had lost 45 pounds over a year ago only to put it all back on plus more after my surgery. I need to take off 80 pounds so I started up my fitness pal yesterday and logged in that horrible weight number and know I must begin an exercise plan. You mentioned Jessica Smith Videos and I believe that is something I can do at my age. I do NOT want to go to a gym. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and suggestion of an online workout. Patty
  • cocates
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    I am so proud and happy for you, Tricia! I am glad to call you a friend! Keep up the good work - and folks, she's not kidding - she has been a great inspiriation and motivator to me and many other of her friends. :blush:
  • pacingoamy
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    Thank you for sharing your story and spreading encouragement.
  • 2Luverly
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    Tricia... thank you for sharing your story. You're truly an inspiration. Congrats to you on your accomplishments and successes thus far. I know that you'll continue to reach the goals you set out to reach!
  • kellansmommy11
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    Thank you all so much for your really sweet comments. I was really nervous about posting this.

    @mrspattycake definitely try Jessica Smith videos on YouTube. She has a wide range of work out types and there are low impact and high impact modifications depending on your fitness level. I would also highly suggest Leslie Samsone. She has great low impact exercise workouts. They are called walk at home or walk away the pounds, which ever one you find is great. There are different distances you can go ranging from 1 mile to 5 miles. Give her a shot, she is great!
  • lethiekboyd
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    I really need some motivation in my life!
  • EllaLeahB
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    Amazing story
  • monicaamy902
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    Awesome! You are an inspiration!
  • naomillion
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    Wonderful story, Tricia! Thank you so much for sharing it. There is so much motivation radiating from you and what you achieved in less than one year is such a phenomenal success, so proud and honoured to have you as a friend on here! You are such an inspiration to me! :heart:
  • havronab
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    Very inspirational!! Thanks for sharing your story!
  • qwertymmii
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    Thank you for sharing. I am inspired from your story. Keep up the good work!
  • liviafreiref
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    Amazing! I loved to know that someone lose weight without going to a gym! I am also doing exercise at home, and I was insecure about this if it is a good idea or not. Thanks to motivate all of us!!!!
  • dillydaisys
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    What an inspiring story, Congratulations! Not only have you turned your life and health around you have a beautiful spirit❤️
  • PBAUSA17
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    Very inspiring :) Thank you for sharing :)
  • franklin505
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    You have done so well, I agree with you its a lifestyle change. You do very well to reach 20000 steps, I have a fitbit and manage about 10000 most days. You are an inspiration.
  • cindyjob
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    Congratulations on such great work. Your son will have a healthy happy Mama around for a long time now :)
  • Weyhill13
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    Congratulations on your huge accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your story!