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cee134cee134 Posts: 31,778Member Member Posts: 31,778Member Member
Post what you learned today.

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  • browneyedgirl749browneyedgirl749 Posts: 4,998Member Member Posts: 4,998Member Member
    TIL all the above.
  • MotorsheenMotorsheen Posts: 14,249Member Member Posts: 14,249Member Member
    cee134 wrote: »
    TIL that figs and pistachios aren't always vegan.

    I'm a vegan, I damn sure am.

    .... I'm just not very strict about it.
  • captainfantastic94captainfantastic94 Posts: 1,745Member Member Posts: 1,745Member Member
    Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.

    Hear that @senior_citizen ?
  • royalty_mind_1meroyalty_mind_1me Posts: 291Member Member Posts: 291Member Member
    Melmel0116 wrote: »
    TIL theres going to be a total solar eclipse next month. Instead of paying his final payment on a balance due today, my client spent 30 minutes telling me about his road trip to go see it.

    Probably in Yellowstone! I'm going too lol

    TIL having a skeleton (phalange) bone tattoo on your own hand with flames is cool in the world :o
  • pudgy1977pudgy1977 Posts: 13,452Member Member Posts: 13,452Member Member
    That the King Po at Panda Express is void of flavor.

    I read that somewhere
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