Breast lift experiences...

I have maintained my weight at 135 for over 10 years now, I have had two children and we are done. When I was younger I had very large breasts, triple d. After losing weight they are now and have been for some time 34dd. Due to breast feeding and losing weight they are very saggy and lifeless. I had a consultation and he recommended doing a lift and a reduction. I am completely ok with going smaller and having a lift, I was just wondering if anyone has had a lift and were happy with the results. We are going to be paying close to 7 thousand for this, and I just want to make sure it is worth it.


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    Yes it was one of the best things for my confidence! I did it in 2004, recovery wasn't super duper easy but it was quick, 4-6 weeks total. You cannot see any scarring anymore and they are still perfect! I had the implants changed out to silicone last year and that was really easy recovery and didn't require any further lifting or scarring. Do it!
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    I lost a significant amount of weight about 10 years ago, and went from about a 36DD to a 34A. I had a Benelli lift with implants 8 years ago, and I'm still thrilled with that decision. Spend some time looking through photos on surgeons' websites, and you'll be able to tell when the surgeon should've done a lift and just did implants without the lift; frankly, they look terrible.
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    I don't know about breast lifts. But I do have a bit of expertise with cosmetic surgery, hence my interest here.
    As Alice said, look at as many photos of a surgeon's lifts as you can before choosing. And shop more than one surgeon. These procedures are pretty straightforward. But some guys/gals do have a better aesthetic sense and you can generally tell by looking at their photos and comparing their work to that of others.
    Good luck.
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    I had an anchor lift with implants in 2012. Recovery wasn't horrible and they look great. Keep in mind that you could experience some numbness that may or may not go away over time. I have regained some of the sensation but it's nowhere near what it was pre-surgery.
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    I think as you are a a good healthy weight and maintained for such a long time you are going to get the best results you could. I have not had a lift but have had a reduction so have anchor shaped scars, if I could change anything I would have lost more weight first. My scars were quite livid to start with but have faded away to being little silver lines now, I have not regained all sensation back as nerves were cut and I have the very occasional twinge in cold weather (we are talking below zero here). I was thrilled with how pert I was initially but gravity will win out in the end - over 20 years later I still am perkier than I was pre surgery. I have never, ever, for one single second regretted my decision to have a reduction
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    I think you'd be better off investing that money so you could help pay for college for your children or go on a once in a lifetime vacation

    Since you pay her bills and can suggest how she spends money, would you like to pay mine too? ... ugh, ignorance at its finest...

    I was responding to her.
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    My point was she probably looks great as she is and if she wasn't 100% certain she wanted to do it there's other options to use the money towards like mine or anything else. I couldn't care less what she does, I was just trying to give a different perspective.
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    Someone who hasn't lived with a large chest has no idea how limiting and painful it can be!

    I had a lift and a small reduction about 10 years ago. I wanted them put back where there were from before having kids. I was a 36K before kids and hit a 40K while breastfeeding. I was at a reasonable healthy weight for my height before and a little fluffier post baby for awhile.

    My only regret was not going smaller than I did. I'm a 34J now and struggling with the repercussions of having a large chest at almost 50. I have miserable neck and upper back pain and am developing large indents in my bones on my shoulders from all the strain. It infringes on the active lifestyle I like to lead.

    You won't regret it! The surgery sounds ominous but the recovery for me wasn't that bad. You have to take it easy for a good 6-8 weeks and wear a non wire bra all the time for awhile.

    Go for it!
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    Reading this with interest too. I never had large boobs, except while breastfeeding. But now, after losing weight, they are completely deflated and non existing. I am entertaining idea of implants and a lift sometimes, but the padded bras work for now. I hate the thought of elective surgery, but it's good to have so much positive input and experience from fellow mfpiers. Thank you to those who shared.
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    @abetterme9366 had this done and shared with me it was a great decision. I know she would be supportive of your decision and provide you some insights.
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    I've been debating a reduction as well. In 2011 I lost 50lbs and have maintained it within 10lbs (I'm 5'11, so 10lbs doesn't show). I was a 38D before, and now I'm a 32G. So I lost a ton of back and stomach fat, but the boobs pretty much stayed the same...luckly, I'm tall so they don't look huge, but they are heavy and cause pain.

    My Mom had a reduction around my age (38) but she didn't watch her weight after, and gained them back and more. Before surgery she was a 36DD. After a 36C. Her recovery seemed endless (I was only 10ish at the time, I'm only going by what I remember). I do remember after she recovered she was happy with them. She was having lot of back pain, and I feel like it's my turn...

    As much as I hate them, I can't fathom recovery - having to take time off work - just the pain. But I know that's the only way I'll ever make them smaller.

    Good luck, OP, with whatever you choose. I just wanted you do know that I totally understand.
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    I had an anchor lift + implants about a year after losing 90 lbs. it was clear my skin was not going to bounce back in that area no matter how long I waited. I had lost a lot of volume; 34C before weight gain, 34A/B after weight loss. And total loss of perkiness. :-(

    I decided I deserve great boobs after all the hard work of losing weight & getting fit. I'm a 34DD now and they look amazing! Best money I ever spent.

    Scarring was bright at first but faded nicely and are very thin pale lines now, hardly noticeable. I had no numbness or loss of sensation.

    You may want to start researching doctors and meeting them now. It's so important to find a doctor with experience and proven results, and that you are comfortable talking to. And you can start getting some price quotes so you can budget appropriately.

    Recovery was painful for the first few weeks. I took ten days off work for recovery, but in hindsight I wish I would have taken 2-3 weeks. That's the only thing I would change if I had to do it over again.

    Best of luck to all of you ladies!
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    Assuming it's appropriate to offer financial advice in this scenario (which it isn't), I guess I can I understand the "pay for college" suggestion, but a vacation? In what way is that a better use of funds? A couple of weeks of fun vs. years of improved self-confidence and the alleviation of physical discomfort or pain? It's up to personal values and priorities. Emphasis on "personal."

    I'm reading this thread with interest. The day I hit goal weight, I'm starting the clock for two years of maintenance and then a lift.