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Longest Consecutive Day Logging Streak!?

bsco222bsco222 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I have now logged every meal, chip, snack, beer, everything I have consumed (except water) for 1,121 days in a row as of July 25, 2017. July 1, 2017 was 3 straight years! Who else has an awesome streak out there!?


  • Graelwyn75Graelwyn75 Posts: 4,456Member Member Posts: 4,456Member Member
    I was at around 700-750 days when I stopped logging back in around 2014. If only I had continued logging, I would have quite an impressive streak.
  • xX_Samantha_XxxX_Samantha_Xx Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
    44 so far! You guys are inspiring! Awesome.
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