Longest Consecutive Day Logging Streak!?



  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,878 Member
    I think i got to 200 once. And then I got pregnant and flakey lol.
  • CryingBlue
    CryingBlue Posts: 268 Member
    1034 days, lost 60, gained 50 back. Working on it again. Kept charting through the weight gain.
  • smitda
    smitda Posts: 1 Member
    My streak is 1,769 days.....never stopped logging weight up or down.
  • x7x7x7x
    x7x7x7x Posts: 17 Member
    Today is 2702 for me.
  • GreenValli
    GreenValli Posts: 1,054 Member
    Wow! So many faithful loggers! I am at 150 today.
  • dlmciver
    dlmciver Posts: 149 Member
    1957 !!!
  • Sand_TIger
    Sand_TIger Posts: 880 Member
    I have an MFP friend who is at 3275 today... WOW! I am at 145. As of today I've lost 49 pounds since I started. Okay, 48.6... but it makes me happy.
  • LaMartian
    LaMartian Posts: 476 Member
    I was at a little over three years. Then I finally went on my first ever vacation and decided to stop worrying about it. Now I'm at 20 days.
  • jules159
    jules159 Posts: 567 Member
    2443 today :)
  • Ianultrarunner
    Ianultrarunner Posts: 185 Member
    3653 as of today :lol:
  • Duck_Puddle
    Duck_Puddle Posts: 3,227 Member
    I’m at day 3088 of logging all my food and exercise. I have people on my FL who have longer log-in streaks but not all of them log food anymore.
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    2008 days for me
  • BrotherBill913
    BrotherBill913 Posts: 661 Member
    2,739 is mine currently
  • brs88888
    brs88888 Posts: 2 Member
  • marcd90
    marcd90 Posts: 288 Member
    2416 :)
  • squirrelsquad
    squirrelsquad Posts: 41 Member
    LOL my current which is 38 days.
  • brtgl
    brtgl Posts: 128 Member
    1913 for me, but one of my MFP friends has 3,300+.
  • deschaaf
    deschaaf Posts: 7 Member
    3,506 days today
  • themedalist
    themedalist Posts: 3,136 Member
    3242 days.
  • AliMeacham
    AliMeacham Posts: 1 Member

    Your Daily Summary
    1819 DAY STREAK. Every meal, every bite, every everything. It's the only way I have been able to maintain over 100 lbs shed after regaining 70 lbs post bariatric surgery(easier to regain than one would think). Tomorrow makes five years since I started back to business, and 1819 days is just shy of the five years, as i started on liquids the first few days. Let's keep on keeping on!!