Women only, pic only, success stories!



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    Hi everyone you are all so inspiring I would love to have you as a friend to watch your stories and healthy habits. Add me as a friend please I would love the support as well <3
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    I like deli dill or hot pickles with a peppermint stick inside them

    Any fruit juice, smoothie or soda drink I may have, after I'm done and with a remnant left over, I fill it with ice water and drink it until any remnants of the juice, smoothie or soda taste & residue gone. This usually takes 2 or 3 refills of ice water, then I'll drink water from this cup all day.

    I never eat cereal in the daytime, ever. If I eat cereal, it has to be soggy and at night time.

    I used to be a "coffeeaholic" (drinking 6-10 or more cups per day and over-loaded with sugarly/sweet creamers--a little coffee with my cream) now I only drink coffee maybe once or twice per week. I'm a "tea-toddler" now and steep my teas for at least 8-10 minutes or more, until they're ultra dark and bitterish and leave the tea bags in the cup until I'm done, then when I'm done, I'll squeeze the tea bag to get every last drop--also I drink my teas hot and unsweetened with nothing added

    When I pop popcorn, I love eating the seeds after-afterwards, especially the half popped seeds. I also LOVE the black seeds in watermelon too. I collect/separate them as I'm eating a watermelon and eat the seeds afterwards.
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    You ladies are amazingly inspiring!!
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    Wow! ALL of you ladies look tremendous!!!
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    You are all so motivational! Congrats on your transformations! 💜
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    Wow!! You all look so amazing and are SO inspirational!! Congratulations to all of you!! Keep up the great work!
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    Weight loss journey started at the age of 55 in 2014

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    Start weight 12.12lb now 11.9lb
    Still a way to go, but getting there

    Yes.....you are doing it!
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