Do you have a food/drink that you have to abstain from?

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I thought this might be a fun discussion. My kids were teasing me last night because I haven't bought chocolate covered almonds in a long time. We used to have a Costco bag of them in the cupboard all the time. I can't have them in the house because that is definitely a food with no brakes for me! Any other chocolate, I can stop. Chocolate covered almonds are a buy just a serving from the bulk food section now. More expensive dollar wise but less expensive calorie wise. ;)
Do you have a no brakes food and, if so, what is it?


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    CindyWard2 wrote: »
    It's Oreos for me. If they are in my house, I cannot stop thinking about them. I will make 100 trips into the pantry and get "just one"...until the bag is empty. I swear if I'm really quiet I can hear them calling my name in there!!

    I so get it. "Just a few" chocolate covered almonds...until the bag is gone!

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    Sugar frosted cookies, I only buy them 2-3x/year. They are so good!
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    Bacon flavoured puffy snacks. Definitely for special occasions only.
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    Caramel covered popcorn.

    It appears around my office around Christmas and if I start eating it I don't stop.
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    Honey Nut Cheerios. I've been doing better with portions but I really should stop buying it. But it was the staple of my childhood so if it's not in the pantry (where I keep it on the highest shelf, hidden behind things), I feel like there's no food in the house.
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    For the last 15 or so years I've "abstained" from:
    Candy, pastries, cookies, potato chips, sugary drinks.

    And I don't buy tortilla chips.
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    Cheese. I have to avoid a lot of foods how health and religious reasons, but cheese was the last thing to go. It is definitely something that I can't moderate at all, so I have to remind myself how it will make me feel everytime I'm tempted.