Do you have a food/drink that you have to abstain from?



  • 260scott
    260scott Posts: 13 Member

    Cheese is like crack for me. I can't have it in the house.
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    Caramel corn and peanut M&M's. Really any chocolate covered nut.

    Costco sells a Chicago Mix (cheese and caramel corn) that is basically crack in a bag!

    Recently discovered bacon and caramel popcorn. Dear God.

    That sounds amazing.
  • ccruz985
    ccruz985 Posts: 646 Member
    My mother's rice and beans, omg.
  • ccruz985
    ccruz985 Posts: 646 Member
    Honey graham crackers and Aldi's chocolate covered almonds
  • JessicaMcB
    JessicaMcB Posts: 1,503 Member
    I know I couldn't even outrun backsliding to obesity on my ultra training program if I still ate brownies, cinnamom buns or oreos. Cream cheese frosting may have been created to destroy me :D
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,346 Member
    Chips and dip. If I buy it, I'll eat it all.
  • drayesmith
    drayesmith Posts: 4 Member
    For me it's Ruffles and french onion dip and any type of cheese. Love salty, crunchy. In the last month I've started eating mostly plant based which is no meat, dairy, or eggs. That took care of the onion dip and cheese.
  • Sp1tfire
    Sp1tfire Posts: 1,120 Member
    Scooby doo honey graham cracker sticks. I will eat half a box in one sitting and I've never done that with another food before.
  • GemstoneofHeart
    GemstoneofHeart Posts: 864 Member
    Chocolate of any kind has that effect on me, but I still eat it. I had a big kit kat today and it was glorious
  • ZoneFive
    ZoneFive Posts: 570 Member
    Jif creamy peanut butter. I swear I could eat that stuff with a trowel. Also crusty bread rolls with butter, and my own chocolate chip cookies. I'll make a batch and send some to work with my husband and take the rest to weaving night with friends. Like others, I can have one when I'm with other people, but left alone with them I do desperate things.
  • vegmebuff
    vegmebuff Posts: 31,389 Member
    Anything 'snack-ie' - crackers, popcorn, even cereal.

    Also, can't have any sort of nut butter in the house - (what is it? So many people have this pb addiction???)

    ...anything sweet is a dangerous thing - ice cream, cookies, chocolate even dates!

    I 'make do' with jello and yogurt with berries lol!
  • SmithsonianEmpress
    SmithsonianEmpress Posts: 1,163 Member
    nowine4me wrote: »
    Chardonnay--I do fine with any other variety of wine. And Jif whipped peanut butter, I can (and have) eat the entire tub in a day.

    I tried that thinking it'd be irresistibly delicious and surprisingly I didn't like it. THANK GOD! But give me a spoon and a regular jar of smooth, creamy Jif and I'm doomed. Lol!
  • drabbits2
    drabbits2 Posts: 179 Member
    cookies. any kind. homemade, store bought, stale, crispy, soft, fresh, hot, get the idea. cookies and tea is my happy place...trying to break the association and just have TEA make me happy. not quite there... lol
  • raynax
    raynax Posts: 10 Member
    salty - anything crunchy
    sweet - anything gooey
    barbque sauce on anything
    triggers - ice cream and potato chips. Just need to delete them from my mouth.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Donuts/pastry. Have to buy them singly. Same goes for most chocolate candy, but oddly there are exceptions...if I bought a bag of fun-size Snickers it would be disastrous, but I can buy 2 large bars of Ghirardelli and share with my husband over a span of a couple weeks.

    I am able to pace myself well with ice cream, whether pint, gallon, or treats like ice cream sandwiches. But that's my husband's thing, he will just eat the entire container/box so we only get ice cream "out", by single serving.
  • aguy0980
    aguy0980 Posts: 544 Member
    chips, cheese and cocktails