What is the meaning of life?



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    Ultimate power.

    yeah..... that's not going to happen
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    Let me know when you find out
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    Just something to keep us busy until we die.
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    To be here long enough to annoy the *kitten* out of everyone who doesn't like me :D
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    To be here long enough to annoy the *kitten* out of everyone who doesn't like me :D

    You passed that point a long time ago :D I kid, I kid
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    To be here long enough to annoy the *kitten* out of everyone who doesn't like me :D

    You passed that point a long time ago :D I kid, I kid

    :D ..you luv me :* lol
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    I feel like these quotes sum up my opinion on this pretty good enough: Have fun. Enjoy people. Be creative. But, it just depends on what you want. Other people would say lots of other things.

    "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." ~Audrey Hepburn

    "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." ~Anaïs Nin

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    Initially is about your desires and wants, to fulfill having a sense of self. As you grow and get older it should be about finding ways to use your gifts to help others, but more so it seems people tend to just deep their need to fulfill their sense of self with more selfish acts. At some point, a few find the error in their ways and try to be nice to others and helpful, but again only as a way to feel like they finally have meaning in their life, so again it is all about them.

    Then they die.
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    I do think it's important that the people I interact with are left feeling good, and not bad from the interaction. To leave a positive mark on the world in whatever small way I can. Even though I will certainly be forgotten. To learn something and grow from all my interactions and experiences. For me... it's to love a lot, even though it's cheesy.
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    The meaning of life is discovering your true purpose. It is open for anyone to discover.

    Attaining the Worlds Beyond
    by Dr. Michael Laitman

    A practical and convenient way to connect to the meaning of life, comprehend what we are doing here and what our purpose is in this world. The audio version of Attaining the Worlds Beyond allows you to absorb the ultimate fulfillment of moving spiritual content in plain English wherever you happen to be. The poignant narration takes you on a journey that enlightens the mind, invigorates the heart, and moves you to the depths of your soul. In the words of Dr. Michael Laitman, “It is beyond human comprehension to understand the essence of such spiritual qualities as total altruism and love. This is for the simple reason that human beings cannot comprehend how such feelings can exist at all, as everyone seemingly requires an incentive to perform any act; without some personal gain, people are not prepared to extend themselves. That is why a quality such as altruism can only be imparted to a person from Above, and only those who have experienced it can understand it.” So sit back and let the wisdom of Kabbalah wash over you. Encountering the perfection of infinity in such a compelling manner is an experience that cannot be described with words; it must be felt by each individual, each at their own pace. This comprehensive guide to spiritual discovery is intended for all those who seek true meaning in life that is far beyond the ordinary.

    How does he feel about football, tacos and lapdances?

    Anything in this existence is free game; it's just here for us to reach the next existence—the spiritual one! Enjoy whatever you enjoy (as long as you aren't harming others.)