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Diet friendly way to satisfy chocolate craving?



  • artbyrachelhartbyrachelh Member Posts: 338 Member Member Posts: 338 Member
    On the MFP blog within this app there is a excellent recipe for sweet potato brownies. I am telling you, awesome. High protein, very low sugar.
  • alondrakayyalondrakayy Member Posts: 304 Member Member Posts: 304 Member
    My protein supplements are all chocolate favored. This has helped me SO MUCH in the chocolate craving area of my life.. and trust me I'm a huge chocolate lover.
  • avskkavskk Member Posts: 1,790 Member Member Posts: 1,790 Member
    Chocolate frozen yogurt? Fruit with a little chocolate dip? A tablespoon of Hershey's cocoa powder mixed with vanilla Greek yogurt? I think one or all of those would work!
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  • slessofmeslessofme Member Posts: 7,423 Member Member Posts: 7,423 Member
    On the MFP blog within this app there is a excellent recipe for sweet potato brownies. I am telling you, awesome. High protein, very low sugar.

    Zucchini brownies are also good.

    Cocoa dusted almonds are great too.
  • JustRobby1JustRobby1 Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    I do not have a huge sweet tooth myself. I would much prefer french fries or chicken tenders to sweets, but when I get an inkling I find that the company Skinny Cow has the best wares for chocolate from a bang for your calorie buck perspective.

    Of their candy bars, I like the milk chocolate cream. It's 110 calories and tastes pretty much just as good as a legit candy bar. They also have caramel filled candies called divines that are low calorie and bring the goods as far as taste. Of their ice cream, while not my personal favorite they have an ice cream sandwich typed bar called 'always chocolate' that I am guessing would be your jam. They also have a chocolate truffle bar on a stick I am betting you could get into as well.

    Skinny Cow is a tad pricey in my opinion, but most "diet" food is.

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  • Rocknut53Rocknut53 Member Posts: 1,793 Member Member Posts: 1,793 Member
    I'm going to follow this thread because it's getting interesting. "more chocolate without more calories" sounds like nirvana. When someone has an answer I'm all over that s***.
  • jgnatcajgnatca Member Posts: 14,495 Member Member Posts: 14,495 Member
    Cocoa is pure chocolate with some of the fat removed. So this chocolate purist uses a lot of cocoa.
  • kimny72kimny72 Member Posts: 15,823 Member Member Posts: 15,823 Member
    When I have hardly any calories left I have one or two Dove dark chocolate promises. They are 40 cals each and are really rich when you let them melt in your mouth a little. Or Jello pudding cups.

    If I have a few more cals, I could go Halo Top or chocolate chips mixed in ricotta cheese, or Yasso frozen yogurt bars.
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Member Posts: 2,330 Member Member Posts: 2,330 Member
    jdlobb wrote: »
    chocolate flavored protein powder?

    drinking chocolate just isn't quite the same unfortunately.

    Protein fluff?
  • SueSueDioSueSueDio Member Posts: 4,796 Member Member Posts: 4,796 Member
    jdlobb wrote: »
    more chocolate WITHOUT more calories is literally the point of this thread.

    Well, if you figure THAT one out I'd love to know! ;)
  • orangegatoorangegato Member Posts: 6,354 Member Member Posts: 6,354 Member
    Another vote for Yasso fro yo bars. Comes in chocolate fudge.
  • kellyjellybellyjellykellyjellybellyjelly Member Posts: 9,480 Member Member Posts: 9,480 Member
    jdlobb wrote: »
    chocolate flavored protein powder?

    drinking chocolate just isn't quite the same unfortunately.

    Mix it with plain greek yogurt for "pudding." Quest chocolate milkshake flavor is pretty good like this.

  • Morgaen73Morgaen73 Member Posts: 2,819 Member Member Posts: 2,819 Member
    In South Africa we have a product called Milky Mix Drinking Chocolate. Perhaps you have an equivalent over there?

    Its very low calorie and very tasty. I use it with almond milk to drink or I make chocolate mugg cakes with it. Also chocolate ice cream but I suspect you are going into winter so ice cream is out.

    If you do want the icecream recipe it's at
  • AmandaDanceMoreAmandaDanceMore Member Posts: 298 Member Member Posts: 298 Member
    One thing I have found that helps when I'm craving certain things (chocolate, cheese, etc), is to eat a small amount of something high quality and flavorful. I don't get cheap chocolate bars, I get more expensive, fancier chocolate. I get quality cheese (like a really sharp cheddar). When something is rich and full of flavor, my craving gets satisfied a lot quicker than eating something cheap.
  • farmgirlcofarmgirlco Member Posts: 118 Member Member Posts: 118 Member
    jdlobb wrote: »
    When you're saying "satisfy chocolate craving", you're implying they can be satisfied, so there is no reason to jump through any hoops - have a small amount of whatever you fancy most, and log it, and you'll easily stay within your calorie goal.

    um. ok. that's nice, but not particularly helpful. Of course you can just eat whatever you want and log the calories.

    I'm trying to figure out way to eat MORE, or better, without adding extra calories.
    It's meant to be helpful. Why do you want to eat more? Has overeating been good for you so far?

    I think that was the point of the OP - what do we eat to replace a certain food that they don't have control around (like me and m&m's) - you're right I could log them but stopping is the problem but you just want something to fill the gap - something similar but not so similar you will lose control.
  • NJCJFNJCJF Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    fiber one brownie bars and fudge sickles
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