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laburris1laburris1 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
in Recipes
Are there any breakfast suggestions that don't involve eggs?


  • TonyB0588TonyB0588 Posts: 5,474Member Member Posts: 5,474Member Member
    Cereal, yogurt, toast, bacon, ham, muffins, waffles, sausages, fruit, .............

    Then there is also the school of thought that says any food is good for any meal, so potato, beef, rice, chicken, pasta, pork, vegetables, can all be used for breakfast.
  • filbo132filbo132 Posts: 956Member Member Posts: 956Member Member
    My favorite is Protein cereals, simply take 1 or 2 servings of cereal of your choice (I am bulking, so I take 2 servings), milk and protein powder....easy and delicious.
  • rodmelchingrodmelching Posts: 38Member Member Posts: 38Member Member
    gluten-free oatmeal with a banana - 270 calories. it's boring but quick and easy.
  • bebeisfitbebeisfit Posts: 666Member Member Posts: 666Member Member
    At least 3 days a week, I eat old fashioned oatmeal (not instant), and add raisins, cinnamon, chia seeds and milk. Sometimes I like soup in the morning - sometimes, it's a half of a pb & j sandwich. Avocado toast with tomatoes too.
  • HeidiCooksSupperHeidiCooksSupper Posts: 3,297Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,297Member, Premium Member
    One of my non-egg alternatives is salmon and cheese on rye crisp bread, nuked for a few seconds to melt the cheese.
  • Nhoff70Nhoff70 Posts: 43Member, Premium Member Posts: 43Member, Premium Member
    I like one piece of wheat bread toasted, spread with almond butter, and top with half a banana.... yum!! Very filling.. no eggs!
  • dani_1977dani_1977 Posts: 557Member Member Posts: 557Member Member
    Breakfast can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn't have to be traditional breakfast items.
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