OMG I've found it: The best thing since sliced bread!!

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They were bogo at the grocery store so I thought I'd finally give them a go. I got peanut butter and also caramel macchiato and HOLY MOLY so good! We're big ice cream eaters in this house (ok mostly my husband and our daughter lol) but it's our thing to watch a family movie and have a bowl of icecream. I love that this allows me to enjoy with them (I hate feeling like the party pooper haha) without any of the guilt - AND I just met my protein goal for the day with 80 calories worth of ICE CREAM! It doesn't feel like you're sacrificing anything either because it actually tastes good! (I'm looking at you Arctic Zero - blech!! :s ) And, if you're really splurging, you've got some extra calorie room for some fudge or syrup or something. Yeah go ahead with your bad self hehe

Ok so what flavor should I try next??? What's your fave??


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    Oatmeal Cookie I really like from Halo. Though now at my local grocer, Mariano's (subsidiary of Kroger's), they have several competing brands that I have grown to prefer over Halo. Low Cow in particular, and it's cheaper.
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    I love Halo Top as well! Enjoy B)
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    Yes! I usually keep some halo in the freezer just in case I crave something sweet. I also like frozen grapes too.
    They are not ice cream by any means, but are sweet and frozen and it takes time to eat them.
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    I hear it's good stuff..
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    Peanut butter cup is probably my favorite. I also really enjoyed the candy bar flavor.
    S'mores and cookies n' cream are alright too.
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    I love Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pie.
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    Peanut butter cup, salted caramel and a new one I just tried, the chocolate covered frozen banana flavor are all good. However, I've cut back recently because I find myself grabbing a pint before I even eat dinner and just standing there with a glazed look on my face, eating directly from the container. (Must...use...a....bowl) On the upside, for some flavors, like the plain chocolate, you can eat the entire pint for 280 calories.
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    I love Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pie.

    My local stores need to hurry up and get Pumpkin Pie. I neeeeeed it.
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    I love Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pie.

    My local stores need to hurry up and get Pumpkin Pie. I neeeeeed it.

    I have only been able to find it at Fresh Market.
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    Caramel macchiato is my go-to at the moment. Can't get enough.
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    aemsley05 wrote: »
    I'm from the UK where Halo Top doesn't exist :( But next month I'm coming over to the US for the first time and one of the things I'm most looking forward to is FINALLY being able to try Halo Top! Cannot tell you how excited I am! :D

    Just make sure you don't eat it before you have to do something. There is a certain group of people who are quite sensitive to the heavy load of artificial sweetener (it might be eryithritol, I can't remember) and it can cause intestinal distress. But if you're okay with that, then enjoy!!
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    I love the cookie dough and birthday cake flavors! Strawberry is pretty good too. I'll chop up a banana and put it all in bowl and it's a great dessert. :smiley:
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    I love the Candy Bar flavor. New favorite behind Sea Salt Caramel.
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    DX2JX2 wrote: »
    Unpopular opinion: they have a weird after taste and are not as good as regular ice cream.

    I'm with you. Between the chemically taste (at least on the flavors I've tried) and the texture, I'd rather have a small kiddie cup of real ice cream instead.
    I agree. I experienced not only the chemical after taste but my mouth felt raw like I had just eaten something abrasive. I also experienced a bad case of random stomach pains like I had never experience before in my life nor have I since. After that experience I saw on here that it is known to affect some people in that manner.

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    For everyone Uk based... try Oppo Ice Cream...
    Great calories and the salted caramel flavour is amazing. x