Looking for Holiday Success Tips From People Who Have Lost 50 + Pounds

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Our blog team is doing an article on member strategies that have helped people lose 50 pounds or more.

Have you lost 50 or more pounds? If so, what strategies do you use to eat healthy throughout the holiday season? Share your top tips (the more unique, the better!) and we might include you in a story on our blog!


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    @Skylara Thank you for posting and sharing your inspirational story and your fantastic tips!!!
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    hi, i am Architectural Draftsman. and 12 hrs. continue i am working as a same place. i have no time for walk in work time. but after office. i go to home then start to hard workout 1 hrs - 1:30 hrs. and i am follow my diet plan. my mussels r very good. but i am worried about my stomach. can any one suggest me or give me any ideas about my belly fat.
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    I began using MFP January 25, 2016. I've lost more than 50 lb. I have for several years purchased a fruitcake from the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, TX for my Christmas holiday. In 2016, I purchased the fruitcake in individual portions. Each tiny portion weighed about 1 oz and delivered 100 calories. I was able to include a holiday fruitcake in most of my meals during the holiday season, and since no-one in my family helped eat that thing, I almost made it to March Madness with fruitcake. My weight during mid October-early February seems to have been steady. I do not use alcohol. I did purchase from Collin Street Bakery that year 1 pie, 2 fruitcakes, and another package of individual fruitcake snacks. I failed to keep the pie in my plan, I did succeed to keep the fruitcakes in my plan.

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    How come i cant post my story
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    I've lost over 80 lbs & going into my 7th holiday season. I don't change my eating all that much; continue to track my food and choose to eat healthy & within my calorie goal as often as I can. I also make sure that I get in my exercise EVERY day. The first two years I actually lost weight and since I've been at maintenance I've pretty much stayed right where I want it.
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    I've lost 60+ pounds since I started and this will be my third holiday season since I began. I am currently not logging but maintaining around -60 to -65 pounds from where I started.

    During the past two holiday seasons, I logged everything, but I also ate pretty much whatever I wanted with an eye on how much of each and in total I was taking in. Yes, I did gain some pounds, but the paying attention (logging) and my increased activity level (which I made every effort to keep up during the holidays), made short work of any gains. I now like to say the whole point of getting to a maintenance level is so you can break the rules on occasion without great consequence. Three of the big things for me during my weight loss (before I started logging calories) holidays or not were:
    Reasonable portion sizes.
    Never, ever eat anything after dinner.
    Eliminate most breads and sugars (I would still sparingly eat whole grain and eat as much fruit as I wanted).

    For the most part, since reaching a maintenance level, I have been using an 8/16 intermittent fasting schedule. While this isn't a diet, it seems to keep me on track and make keeping a calorie deficit easier and thus I keep my maintenance weight range. I'm hoping it will also see me through this holiday season with little to no change from past holidays when I was logging everything. Of course I will also continue working to keep my activity levels up.
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    Skylara wrote: »
    I've lost 120 pounds (and still going), and here's what I've found that works for me both throughout the holiday season and all year:
    1. NEVER drink empty calories. It adds up way too fast. Diet Green Tea plus Crystal Light individual serving flavor packets are DELICIOUS. As is water.
    2. You don't have to go for a super high protein diet, but even making sure to get about 75g of protein a day helps me stay full longer, cuts WAY down on carb cravings, and who doesn't love bacon?!
    3. I hate breakfast. Hate it. I feel bogged down when I put food in my stomach that early. But I love coffee. So that's my breakfast. Here's how I do it for the most punch: I drink one 16oz cup of coffee with sugar-free creamer in it until I have about 2oz (give or take) left in the cup. I use a cup, not an insulated mug, for this next reason: The coffee is cold by then, so I then add a scoop of vanilla-flavor whey protein powder (with 25g protein). Adding whey protein to hot soups and beverages makes for a lumpy mess. Adding the whey to cold coffee enables you to get a nice smooth mix. Then I fill my cup with hot coffee. No more creamer. It's sweet and delicious and has a ton of protein. (This is particularly important during the holidays. I can do this before going to a party or dinner and NOT attack the carb-laden foods offered.)
    4. I eat when hungry, which is about every three-four hours. If I'm not hungry and four hours has passed, I eat a small snack. Otherwise, I'll be devouring the fridge the next time I actually feel hungry.
    5. And this may be controversial, but ah well. I DON'T exercise. I have a more active lifestyle (riding my bike with my son, walking the dog, parking far out in the parking lots, yoga every now and then, etc.), but I don't suit up, go to the gym or out my front door, and sweat it out. If you are early in your weight loss, exercise can actually hinder progress, because you'll be hungrier. Exercise is best for after you have a handle on your improved eating habits, or to help maintain a weight. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Healthy weight starts in the kitchen.
    6. I use tools to help me. MyFitnessPal for food logging and macro tracking and the scale at least weekly to ensure I'm staying on track. I also had weight loss surgery, but it's only a tool as well, as my problem was portion sizes and constant hunger. The surgery helped with that. If your hunger is head hunger, or your portion sizes are small, but you're putting high-calorie food into your stomach every 30 minutes, weight loss surgery is not a tool that will help you.
    7. Finally... holiday-specific... I eat EVERYTHING I want to. Here's the key though: I LITERALLY put one-two bites of each thing on my plate. People look at me like I'm nuts, but I want to enjoy the delicious food without overindulging.


    WONDERFUL!!! You've done awesome, and look like a completely different person!! Thank you for the tips! I also am not exercising at the moment, but getting a handle on my nutrition. I never thought about the fact that it could hinder process, but as I think about it in my own situation, you're completely right!
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    I lost around 115 lbs in 420 days. I started at 305 lbs and hit 190 on day 420. I set myself at a 2lb/wk loss rate, exercised, and ate back 50% of those calories, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Worked great but was tough to keep the calorie count that low. I weighed everything with a scale, and logged in grams if possible, ounces if not. I didn't bother with any weird diets, just CICO. Overall in the first year and a half I lost 126lbs going below my goal weight to 178 at one point. I've been using MFP ever since to maintain my weight but I'll be honest, I did not use MFP's calculations for macros for very long. I switched to another site, and basically entered my macros in MFP manually. I felt MFP was adjusting my protein too low, and I wanted to stay near 1g/lb of my target goal weight (190g/day). I still try and keep that goal and stay between 170-200g/day of protein. I'm coming up on a 1000 days of logging with MFP before the end of the year. I currently weigh around 186-190 and have put on quite a bit of muscle I never had in the past. I still stay at or below my original goal weight which is within a normal BMI range for my height/weight/age.