One Year, 105 lbs, and Zero Seizures.

Niff314 Posts: 113 Member
Hey there!

I finally hit my 100 lb milestone and thought I'd share. =) Sorry, this is a little long. Here's a pic:


I started working out in August of 2016 in an effort to get my weight under control. It worked pretty well, and I was feeling much better, but I was still having seizures and the medications weren't helping (and never had).
I started keto in March 2017 solely to control my epilepsy.

I've been epileptic since I was 12 years old, and despite decades of anti seizure meds which did nothing to control my seizures but came with a whole host of lovely side effects (paresthesia, aphagia, facial paralysis, skin blisters, and mental fog, among others) and my neurologist insisting I needed brain surgery, I decided to be my own health advocate and take matters into my own hands. I've had three different neurologists over the last 20 years and none of them endorsed nor even encouraged keto as a therapy for me, since for adults they'd found a "low adherence rate". Because of this, they prefer to not mention it which doesn't even give us a chance to try it out for ourselves, which I found to be frustrating as hell.

So I did some research via Johns Hopkins University and The Charlie Foundation, bought a food scale, started with a two-day water fast then dove in. It was challenging at first, but after a couple of weeks it became routine and I didn't have any carbohydrate cravings whatsoever. After seven months, I'm now completely seizure free and off all epilepsy medication.

For me, one of the side effects of keto and the weight loss is more energy and stamina for exercise. I've always loved hiking and being outside, so in tandem with weightlifting (deadlifts, squats and bench), I found I loved getting stronger and healthier. I also noticed the weight loss made exercise much more enjoyable. I'm a dog walker, so I began taking a couple of my dogs on seriously long urban hikes as well as longer trail hikes on the weekends with friends.
I found I loved with the hiking and long distance walking so much, it became somewhat of an addiction. I started thinking again about the Pacific Crest Trail, which I used to hike sections of a couple times per month before I moved downtown and fantasized about hiking when I was in my 30's (I'm 41 now). It's a 2,600-mile hike from Mexico to Canada, and much of it goes through Washington State (I live in Seattle.) Most thru-hikers average 20 miles per day, so I began adding several 20-mile long treks during my week. Doing research on the PCT has become my new favorite pastime.

Because this controls my seizures 100%, I consider this a lifestyle change for me. I have no desire to go back on medication, and having been keto for 7 months now it's become my new normal. My neurologist is even on board, and sent me to a ketogenic nutritionist to help me with my meal plans (medical keto has a higher fat and lower protein percentage than the keto strategy used for non-medical purposes) and run regular blood panels.

MyFitnessPal has been so crucial in helping me track not just my macros but all of my workouts as well - I don't know what I'd do without it. =)


  • JoLightensUp
    JoLightensUp Posts: 139 Member
    What an amazing story! You must be so happy and relieved that this is working for you.

    And congratulations on your weight loss - you look great!
  • Niff314
    Niff314 Posts: 113 Member
    What an amazing story! You must be so happy and relieved that this is working for you.

    And congratulations on your weight loss - you look great!

    Thank you so much! I am *very* relieved - it's so amazing to be off of the medication. =)
  • sbrown6
    sbrown6 Posts: 334 Member
    Congrats! Totally inspiring!
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,118 Member
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    wow outstanding you look amazing
  • India411
    India411 Posts: 20 Member
    Wow!! Congrats on being your own advocate and helping your body work for you to make it healthier, strong and seizure free!! That's amazing and the wieght loss is the icing on the cake!! I'm so happy for you and your success story! Keep on being the better healthier you! You are rocking it and beautiful!!
  • Firefly0606
    Firefly0606 Posts: 366 Member
    This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. It really makes you wonder why modern medicine and diet are pretty much mutually exclusive. You are looking fabulous, but WOW! your health results!! Well done to you!
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    What a beautiful thing - seizure free after all those years of medication trial and error to no avail. Free at last!

    Medically Therapeutic Keto is so well documented for seizure control it really is a shame it was never suggested to you by your neurologists when meds weren't working. Kudos to you.

    I'm very, very excited for you. And you look great too! Congrats on the weight loss.
  • musicfan68
    musicfan68 Posts: 1,102 Member
    Good for you! It's really amazing all the things that can be cured or at least drastically improved by just losing weight and eating a balanced diet.
  • saraghali
    saraghali Posts: 63 Member
    So happy for you. You look stunning
  • cowleyl
    cowleyl Posts: 169 Member
    How often were you having seizures before the change to keto?
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 97 Member
    A beautiful story & transformation all the way 'round :-)
  • DananaNanas
    DananaNanas Posts: 665 Member
    Amazing!!! You look beautiful :)
  • iamthemotherofdogs
    iamthemotherofdogs Posts: 562 Member
    You are friggin' amazing! Congratulations.
  • Niff314
    Niff314 Posts: 113 Member
    cowleyl wrote: »
    How often were you having seizures before the change to keto?

    I would have two or three days a month with cluster seizures, which can hit me with about 5 seizures in rapid succession. I hated those days. :(
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,246 Member
    What an amazng story of health and fitness. I admire how you did your own research and took your health into your own hands and found your healing. You look amazing to boot!
  • ekelley44
    ekelley44 Posts: 34 Member
    Congratulations on your improved health and weight loss! I'm sorry that you had to struggle so long with your epilepsy. I also have epilepsy and I remember all of the terrible side effects from different medications I had to try. I'm so glad this diet is working for you! You look wonderful!
  • desg1218
    desg1218 Posts: 78 Member
    Wow! This is an amazing journey. Good for you!
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