I’m trying to lower carbs need friends doing same

Hello!!! I have had success on here lost 70 lbs but struggling with the last 40 as I love my carbs!! I am 3 weeks in to eating under 100 carbs and need support!! Looking for others to share ideas and things that work for you... if you are looking for same thing please add


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    If you love carbs, maybe low carbs isn't the best diet for you? Carbs don't hinder weight loss; not staying under calorie goal, hinders weight loss. Weight loss also slows down naturally as you lose weight.
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    Or try the Low Carber Daily mfp group. Lots of information there.
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    I agree that lowering carbs won't automatically address your issues if you don't have your calories sorted.

    If carbs aren't filling you up, that's a different story, but there's no need to give them up if you enjoy them and find them filling.

    What seems to be the nature of your difficulty with losing your last 40 pounds? That's still a decent amount of weight left to be lost, and encountering difficulties at this point in your loss might be due to logging problems.

    If you're not correctly accounting for your calories and aren't using MFP properly, you might lose some water weight cutting carbs, but you're still going to have problems from not having your calorie situation sorted.

    You need to get to the root of your problem. Carbs aren't it.
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    You can add me if you'd like. Hubby and I have started a 30 day ketogenic cleanse that's low carb.
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    Thanks everyone... I guess I should have started with this is the next progression in my getting healthy. I have been on here for 4 years and lost 90 lbs. I went in to maintenance mode and slowly started letting bad choices creep in when looking they were carbs and they were out of control. With how i workout I was not gaining weight but my jeans were very tight. I have cut carbs and kept my protein and fat in check for my goals. just looking for ideas and support from others. I am not doing a low carb diet, I am looking to keep my carbs under 100.
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    Just for clarity, under 100 grams per day is considered a low carb diet. I can understand why you would do this if carbs are a trigger food for you. A suggestion is to plan and prelog in the morning. I eat between 100 and 150 grams of carbs. But not intentionally. It just seems to fall there after hitting protein and fat targets.
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    As said, if you focus on meeting protein and fat goals your carbs will naturally be a bit lower, at least that's how it generally works for me. If I'm to eat enough protein and fat then there just isn't room for an abundance of starch (though I do need some to not feel hungry all the time).
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    i dont consciously watch carbs, but my ex was diabetic and i dont eat all that many on a normal day - probably under or around 100 maybe? i dunno lol i do love carbs but theyre calorie heavy and dont last for my satiety, anyways.

    never mind apparently i lied. 100-150 is what i seem to run around, based on the past week, anyways lol

    regardless, im not running around eating rice and potatoes and bread every day lol
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    I'm cycling carbs/starches right now. I get around 120 net a day. I do eat low fat (around 50 grams a day), but as stated... once you look to get in your protein and fats first, your carbs sort of sort themselves out.

    It sounds like you'd do well just eliminating starches and sticking with plenty of vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

    If you find that's not a sustainable approach, you could schedule in carb refeeds where you eat starchy things like potatoes and grains, within your calorie goals, for a couple of days every few weeks.

    I'm doing this now to help with some compliance issues and it seems to be working.