Supporting Yourself/Family

How to support yourself if your family members aren’t very supportive about your weight loss goals/journey. Do you say anything or just go about your business. It so weird when people comment on your goals but then questions your values.


  • tinkerbellang83
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    I don't really discuss my weight loss with my family at all. I discuss it with other MFP members and a couple of friends who have asked me about it.
  • RoxieDawn
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    Your weight loss and weight management is all about YOU matter what anyone else says.

    That said I only discuss this with my SO, the rest of my family doesn't know or need to know that I count and log calories. Its up to you how much information you divulge to others.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    its none of their business.

    you know they are not supportive, dont enter conversations with them about it.
  • RodaRose
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    Family members have their own stuff to take care of.
    Make sure that you are making yourself a priority and that you take care of your needs. <3
  • mysteps2beauty
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    Why do you feel a need to tell them? If they want to know they will ask. I'm sure when you start looking lean and trim, they will become intrigued and if interested in the how to, they know you can give them some answers. I like to shock and awe people so I haven't said anything. It will become obvious soon enough. Meantime, I keep my head down and keep at it.
  • EllieElla2015
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    I hear you on this one, especially if you live with them. I understand you don’t need to engage with them but people, especially family, go out of their way to say something about. They may think it’s harmless, they may think they have a right to because they’re family or they may really just not care about your goals.

    With my family, everyone felt the need to comment. My dad would tell me I’m getting “too skinny” and guys like curves. My mom would tell me I’m losing weight too fast, when in reality I wasn’t. And so much more. And this was all unprovoked. I’d be eating something, or getting ready to go out, and they’d just comment on it.

    You have two options- tell them if they won’t be supportive, to not say anything at all. Or learn to zone it out & not respond / acknowledge their comments. I chose the latter and eventually he comments stopped except for the occasional “you’re good, you don’t need to eat so healthily!) (which I don’t even by the way lol).

    You really just need to remember that you won’t change your goals to please them so what they’re saying is white noise.