Calling all Vegans/ Vetarians



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    I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan. I love dairy.
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    Will check back later, thanks all for recipes :)
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    When I first started losing weight I incorporated a lot of my mainly vegan diet based of Dr. Mcdougall's high carb low fat non processed way of eating. I lost the majority of my weight like that eating mainly sweet potatoes, white rice, lots of frozen veggies etc. Now I try to eat a little more fat because we need it. I think if you can eat plain foods that are high in good carbs, fiber and protein and low in fat you will definitely see some great changes. Also I love adding nutritional yeast to add extra protein and flavor to all my foods (:
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    Pinterest is a wealth of meal ideas. I'm a vegetarian in part because I don't want to eat dead animals, in part because I never liked the taste. Mostly, I'm grossed out at the idea of carcasses. For other ideas for things to make, I look at upscale restaurant menus. I'm a lazy vegetarian. Most of my days look like:
    • Breakfast: granola bar OR cottage cheese with nuts, cinnamon, honey
    • Lunch: Black bean burger mashed up, salsa, guac, sour cream, spinach, croutons OR fake chicken burger sandwich with salad side OR soup.
    • Dinner: 1 bag of Gardein brand fake meat either sauteed or baked with 400 g of mixed vegetables. Depending on which fake meat i get, I pick a sauce. Fake chicken: sweet and sour or italian. Fake beef: A1 steak sauce. Fake fish: Lemon juice or garlic aioli. Other things I sometimes add are peanut sauce, sesame ginger sauce, or tandoori/curry sauces.
    • Snack: Dark chocolate or apple sauce with cinnamon.

    Lately I've been super into baked sweet potatoes. I use them as a base and pour hearty soups/curries over them.
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    arelyedrey wrote: »
    Hi there. I fully support your decision! It's a great lifestyle!

    My go to recipe book is thug kitchen! I also go to Forks over knives. the buffalo cauliflower is killer! My favorite recipe atm is Eggplant marinara over chickpea pasta. Watch out for high carbs if you're also trying to lose weight.

    Some ppl quit cold turkey but that wasn't my experience. I started out as a vegetarian in february. It was hard to give up cheese but I let myself have some. I slowly cut all animal products out. The whole process/lifestyle change took a little over 6 months but I'm fully plant based now!

    Love Forks Over Knives and Been all over Pinterest Recently ... I am finding I am going over my carbs every day :/ but I also find it hard to live on a 1200 calorie diet .. Partially because I'm having a hard time giving up my glass of wine every night ! Cant wait to try that Buffalo Cawliflower ! I was thinking of taking it as a main for Christmas dinner . I was planning on eating vegetarian and slowly making my way to vegan but Hubby was so gung ho to go all out vegan that I followed suit :smile: Its been 3 weeks now On a Plant based Diet and no regrets !!
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    My daughter is vegetarian...working her way to vegan, so I've been learning to adapt. One of the hardest is packaged foods. Yes, I know fresh foods are better and I do a good bit of fresh food cooking, but when you have 30 min after work to get supper on the table for hungry folk, it's good to have box/can/frozen foods ready to throw together. That said- I can't believe how hard it is to find animal fat free canned goods! I try to cook as many things as possible that we can all eat, and I was surprised at how much animal fat is in beans, green beans, etc. My daughter has also discovered that gelatin is made from boiling animal bones/products, so now I check everything for gelatin also. It's in ALOT of packaged sweets. Recently, I've had to start checking cheeses for rennet/enzymes. There went my frozen ravioli which I used to make quick and easy lasagna. :) Do others check for these ingredients also?

    We are reading ingredients in absolutely EVERYTHING we consume now... Its much tougher finding products without animal byproducts + I have been Gluten Free for 5 years now, double challenge but we are succeeding!