Very Low Calorie Foods



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    Slimfast barbecue chips. 100c per bag. Really good.
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    Avocado has to be a fruit because it's seeded. A big giant seed on the inside. Like tomato would be a fruit.
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    Spaghetti squash- low cal and can be substituted for pasta!
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    besides above mentioned, for me it's non fat plain greek yogurt. My fav is the Kirkland brand from Costco, a close second is Chobani. Also I like to mix cool whip into it sometimes Others are: powdered peanut butter on low fat waffle or chocolate rice cake, or any rice cake, unsweetened applesauce, fat free half & half. A large salad
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    KileyP1980 wrote: »
    I eat just fine LOL. I am not looking for proana tips or anything, just for those low cal foods you can snack on when you are pushing your calorie max.

    I think someone else on this thread pointed it out, but if you're genuinely hungry, don't worry so much about the calories: your body needs the food. High protein low sugar foods tend to leave you satisfied longer (e.g salmon, chickpeas, boiled egg), so those are good suggestions for that.

    For cravings, they tend to go away after 15 minutes or so but they're annoying so here are some suggestions:

    Tall glass of room-temperature water and:

    - individually wrapped hard candy (varies between 5 and 20 cal/piece depending on what it is, hard candies last longer so you feel more satisfied)
    - Chewing gum/bubblegum
    - Squares of dark chocolate (magnesium source)
    - Sweet fruit (grapes, apple, rasins, etc)

    - a cup of soup stock made up (doesn't matter what kind they're all salty)
    - Small portion of crisps (e.g pringles)
    - Miso soup
    - Tomato

    - Corn coblet
    - Crisps (as above)
    - Unbuttered air-popped popcorn (~20cal/cup ish)
    - Small portion of pasta (~35-40g dried)

    A nice sauce recipie I know is:
    100g tomato, 30g onion, pinch of salt, basil, 1/2 tsp garlic paste (~2 cloves), 1 tsp bolignase herbs, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 4tbsp water.
    Brown onions in pan, add everything else on medium heat and stir until it reaches desired consistency. Makes ~2 portions and is more than enough for a serve of pasta, it's nice with celery, 26 cal/batch. Kinda filling in its own imo.

    Fatty cravings:
    - Avocado
    - Light cruskit with cottage cheese and/or light cream cheese
    - Smoked salmon

    - pickles
    - Lettuce (add lemon juice and salt or another light dressing if you want)
    - Celery
    - Tomato
    - Mushrooms (stuffed mushrooms are Good *kitten*)
    - Cabbage
    - Wheatgrass
    - Bamboo shoots
    - Grapefruit
    - Watermelon
    - Strawberries

    The other commenters are right, there's technically no such thing as a 0-cal food.

    However, foods high in water have a very low caloric impact, and foods high in cellulose (basically all grasses, like bamboo and celery, for example) which when eaten in moderation generally take more energy to digest than they actually give because humans can't produce the enzymes necessary to process them (in this case cellulase).